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3 The Experiment

Here is the experiment:

  1. Open a window to an IPsec host and another window to an insecure host.

  2. Now start capturing packets.

  3. In the ``secure'' window, run the Unix command yes(1), which will stream the y character. After a while, stop this. Switch to the insecure window, and repeat. After a while, stop.

  4. Now run MUST on the captured packets. You should see something like the following. The important thing to note is that the secure connection has 93% (6.7) of the expected value (7.18), and the ``normal'' connection has 29% (2.1) of the expected value.

        % tcpdump -c 4000 -s 10000 -w ipsecdemo.bin
        % uliscan ipsecdemo.bin
        Uliscan 21 Dec 98
        L=8 256 258560
        Measuring file ipsecdemo.bin
        Init done
        Expected value for L=8 is 7.1836656
        6.9396 --------------------------------------------------------
        6.6177 -----------------------------------------------------
        6.4100 ---------------------------------------------------
        2.1101 -----------------
        2.0838 -----------------
        2.0983 -----------------

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