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PPP - Pedantic PPP Primer

Steve Sims

This is a step-by-step guide for configuring FreeBSD systems to act as a dial-up router/gateway in a Local Area Environment. All entries may be assumed to be relevant to FreeBSD 2.2+, unless otherwise noted.

Table of Contents
1. Building the Local Area Network
1.1. Typical Network Topology
1.2. Assumptions about the Local Area Network
2. FreeBSD System Configuration
2.1. Verifying the FreeBSD Host Name
2.1.1. Configuring the FreeBSD Host Name
2.2. Verifying the Ethernet Interface Configuration
2.2.1. Configuring your Ethernet Interface
2.3. Enabling Packet Forwarding
2.4. Creating the List of other LAN Hosts(/etc/hosts)
2.5. Testing the FreeBSD system
2.5.1. Verifying the operation of the loopback device
2.5.2. Verifying the operation of the Ethernet Device
3. Configuring the PPP Dial-Out Connection
3.1. Backing up the original PPP configuration files
3.2. Create your own PPP configuration files
3.2.1. The '/etc/ppp/ppp.conf' file
3.2.2. The '/etc/ppp/ppp.linkup' file
3.3. IP Aliasing
4. Configuring Windows Systems
4.1. Configuring Windows 95
4.2. Configuring Windows NT
4.3. Configuring Windows for Workgroups
5. Testing the Network
5.1. Testing the Dial-Up link:
5.2. Testing the Ethernet LAN
6. Exercises for the Interested Student
6.1. Creating a mini-DNS system
6.1.1. The /etc/namedb/named.boot file
6.1.2. The /etc/namedb/mydomain.db file
6.1.3. Starting the DNS Server
6.2. Playing with PPP filters

For questions about FreeBSD, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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