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PSION Series 3/3a palmtop FAQ part 6/6

Archive-name: palmtops/psion/series3/part6
Version: $VER: Psion FAQ v2.6
Posting-Frequency: monthly

part 6

   See part 1 for complete table of contents of this FAQ (including this

   This is the official Psion commercial Software list taken from Psion's
   "Software & Accessories" catalog v2 (Oct95). Thanks to Psion for
   providing it. All telephone numbers are UK unless stated otherwise.
   Prices are either known from v1 of the catalog or fall into one of the
   following categories in v2 (in UKP)
     * A: Less than 30
     * B: 30-50
     * C: 51-74
     * D: 75-99
     * E: 100+
   Agenda Link - Please inquire for price.
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 1438-815-444
          Share information in your Series 3 or 3a Agenda by linking it
          to either Lotus Organizer or MS Schedule Plus. Agenda Link
          translates the data from Series 3/3a to these popular Windows
          information managers.
   Asset Tracking - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          Equipment Inspections,PAT checks plus more all within this well
          proven system. Control of all items, history, inspections,
          overdue status, locations and status. Full PC management
          control interface.
   Banker - Please inquire for price.
          from Pelican Software +1 713 242 8928
          Personal finance software for the Series 3a. Banker Imports and
          Exports to Quicken. Very easy to use and provides features such
          as easy transfers, split transactions, password protection,
          unerase, reconciliation, pop up Calculator and Calendar,
          reports, printing, reminders and Tidy.
   Banking Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Built around a multi-currency, multi-account system with tax
          handling and cash flow forecasting. Separate budget planner and
          petty cash recorder plus an energy monitor. Complete with over
          100 sophisticated financial calculators and converters.
   Child Support and Legal Aid - cat E
          from Dodona Ltd. +44 122 264 4131
          ChildSupport calculates liabilities and entitlements to child
          support and includes welfare benefits calculations. LegalAid
          calculates entitlement and contributions to a Green Form,
          ABWOR, Civil and Criminal Legal Aid.
   Electrical Design Suite - cat E
          from Electrical Engineer +44 1275 462 113
          The programs come in the form of spreadsheet files, together
          with technical data for the on-board database, some utilities
          for OPL and readme files.
   Finance Pack - GBP 49.95 for Series 3, GBP 59.95 for Series 3a.
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 1438 815444
          Ideal for home finance, self-assessment for income tax, small
          business accounts (without VAT). Ask for the "Widget Software
          Guide to Getting Rich", a four page booklet containing full
          details on this package.
   Helper 3 and Renovator - cat E
          from Ferret Information Systems Ltd. +44 122 264 4660
          Helper 3 calculates Income Support, Family Credit, DWA and
          Housing Benefits. Renovator calculates entitlement to
          Renovation, Grants for Owners and Tenants, Landlords and
          disabled Facilities Grants.
   Office Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 19 463 3918
          Designed to help co-ordinate a busy office. Integrated time
          facility includes project monitor. Helps with filing and
          retrieving documents. Petty cash account plus inventory and
          loan equipment tracking.
   Plain Paper Invoicing - cat D
          from Lasersoft +44 1904 633918
          The convenient and efficient way to issue invoices and to
          prepare quotations, particularly suited for small businesses
          and for those who are self-employed.
   Pocket Publishing - cat C
          from Hockney Engineers Ltd. +44 113 245 5061
          The easy way to print personalised letterheads and the quick
          way to write every day letters, with a choice of high profile
          distinctive styles. For use with Canon Bubble Jet Printers or
          Hewlett Packard and compatible laser printers.
   Sales Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Integrated order processing, stock control and customer care.
          Full set of output documents and management reports. Special
          versions available for several industries.
   Text Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Assembles letters, memos, orders, invoices or notices without
          lots of typing. Lays out the page automatically. Financial
          documents totalled allowing discount and tax calculations.
          Links to the Data system to produce mail shots.
   Training Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Contains a register and results recording system. Designed for
          use in industrial training as well as educational
          establishments. Allows for self assessment by students. Carries
          out much of the tedious analysis and report writing.
   Note: The "Acorn Pocket Book" is a re-badged Series 3.(the II is a 3a)
   Acorn Schedule - GBP 19.95
          from Acorn Computers Ltd. +44 122 325 4254
          Supplied on an SSD ROM card with manual. This combines a diary,
          personal organiser and timetable. Also includes the spell
   Acorn Plotter - GBP 35.19
          from Acorn Computers Ltd. +44 122 325 4254
          A graphical plotting application meeting all curriculum needs
          in Math and Science for key stages 3,4 and onwards as well as
          most of the requirements for A-Level. Supplied on SSD with
   Explorer - GBP 92.82
          from ExpLAN UK Ltd. +44 182 261 3868
          Designed to allow the introduction of an IT content to field
          trips and surveys by replacing the traditional pen and paper
          worksheet with a structured set of questions on an Acorn Pocket
          Book or Series 3/3a.
   Event - GBP 24.95
          from ExpLAN UK Ltd. +44 182 261 3868
          A desktop diary for Acorn RISC computers designed to work with
          Schedule on the Acorn Pocket Book and Agenda on the Series
   Occasion - User version GBP 69.95. Network version available.
          from ExpLAN UK Ltd. +44 182 261 3868
          A personal organiser application for Acorn RISC computers.
          Comprising a diary, address book, phone book and note book.
          Information may be exchanged with applications running on the
          Acorn Pocket Book and Series 3/3a.
   3a Bridge - cat B&C
          from Interdata Developments +44 161 792 2871
          Email: The ultimate Bridge program
          specifically written for the Series 3a. This Acol-based program
          will appeal to both inexperiences and serious players at all
   3a Chess - cat B
          from Purple Software Ltd +44 171 388 3111
          Email: A powerful chess game that
          incorporates a wealth of useful features.
   Adventure pack I - cat B
          from Interdata Developments +44 161 792 2871
          Email: Adventure pack is an Infocom
          text adventure interpreter with games such as Zork, The
          Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy, Colossal Cave Adventure and
          many more.
   A cornucopia of leisure programs - cat A
          from BroadOak Computing +44 1491 576837
          Includes 10 programs: Biorythms, Lottery, RPI '95 (purchase
          price comparaisons), Tchance (for football pool results),
          Roulette, Nim, Poker Dice, Quintet, Papillons (a cryptic
          crossword like game), and Looksat (directions for satellite TV
   Diamond Score - cat C
          from ProCreations Inc. +1 206 335 4470 (1 800 599 7828 in USA)
          A fun, easy and powerful way to score Baseball and Softball,
          whether professional, amateur or little league.
   DrawIt - cat B
          from Purple Software Ltd +44 171 388 3111
          Email: DrawIt is an object based
          drawing program incorporating and extensive set of pre-drawn
          lines, arrows, curves and shapes. Shapes can be re-sized,
          grouped, ungrouped, ordered and rotated.
   EMCC Backgammon - GBP 21.90 + (depending on disk/SSD)
          from EMCC
          Email: Multilingual backgammon game
          with loads of features like Undo user move, save & retrieve
          game, best move hint... For 1 or 2 players. Available either on
          disk or SSD.
   Expotel Pages
          from Mobile Software +44 181 906 0002
          Email: UK Hotel Reservations
          Service. Significant discounts for booking your hotels with
          Expotel. Booking service is free. Used with the relational
          database "Mobile Pages". Expotel Pages is available for 6.95
          GBP from Widget Software.
   FloChart - cat B
          from Purple Software Ltd +44 171 388 3111
          Email: FloChart is a free form flow
          chart designer which supports the full ANSI set of flow chart
   Games 3 - GBP 34.95
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          Seven exciting and innovative games for your entertainment.
          Includes Castle, a full text adventure game; Bandit, a fruit
          machine; Poker and Solo, classic card games; Reversi, Quad and
   GolfCard - GBP 69.95 and Analyst - GBP 25.00
          from M-P (Golf) Systems +44 181 394 2049
          GolfCard is a Database and Scoring System for use on and off
          the golf course. Use it to score all popular match formats for
          1 to 4 players, Then save course details and match for
          reference and analysis. Analyst allows you to monitor you and
          your partners' progress. It can show all or a selection of a
          player's scores on one course at once, and then calculate
          averages, eclectic scores and other statistics.
          from Mobile Software +44 181 906 0002
          Email: Directory of over 4500 UK,
          USA & Australian restaurants. Members enjoy 25% savings at all
          participating restaurants. Used with the relational database
          "Mobile Pages". Fully working versions are available free from
          Transmedia Europe on +44 171 930 0700.
   Miscellany - GBP 34.95
          from BroadOak Computing +44 171 836 7640
          Includes Biorhythms, the Series 3 character set, the date of
          Easter 1901-2199, Football Pools manager and draw selector, RPI
          price comparisons 1947-1994 (9 indices) Games for Thinkers &
          Gamblers. Includes Roulette, Nim, Poker Dice and Quintet.
   OrgChart - cat B
          from Purple Software Ltd +44 171 388 3111
          Email: OrgChart is a free-form
          organisational chart designer. Built-in intelligence ensures
          logical connections are maintained when charts are edited.
   Paint and Compose - GBP 69.95
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          Paint can display or print downloaded PCX, GIF, or BMP files,
          create new pictures or capture and print spreadsheet graphs or
          screen shots. Compose can create and print melodies on bass or
          treble clef.
   Voyance Astrology - cat B
          from Voyance Astrology +44 1636 611 563
          A comprehensive Astrology program for the Series 3a. Comes with
          an introductory manual on Astrology which provides everything
          necessary for anyone to learn the basics of this ancient
   Air Navigator - GBP 116.33
          from Dolphin Digital +44 120 248 3050
          Flight Planning software for PPL through to commercial use.
          Flight plan, fuel consumption and cost displayed or printed.
          Stores aircraft and route information, full weight and balance
          schedule plus dB Hold, crosswind, conversions, sunrise, and
          sunset etc. Full European or American database available.
   astroNAVCOMP - From GBP 149.00
          from Intecma Associates OMEGA +44 184 434 4570
          Multi-leg rhumb line and Great Circle passage planning.
          Celestial navigation with integral almanac for sun, moon,
          planets and stars. Easy to use - fixes computed without
          plotting. Running fixes. Graphic display of D.R., fix, and
          position lines.
   Astro-Navigation - Please inquire for price.
          from Maritek +44 141 554 2492
          Sextant sight reduction calculations done quickly.
          Automatically compensates for refraction, parallax and sun
          diameter. Equally easy for moon, planets and stars. Running
          fixes, use for predictions and gives time of sunrise/sunset,
          twilight and transits. May be combined with Navigator.
   Coastmaster 3 - Please inquire for price.
          from Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. +44 172 845 4171
          For the Yachtsman or professional Navigator who needs to store
          very large numbers of waypoints and routes. Computes
          intermediate points along a rhumb line, automatic route, ETA,
          true/apparent wind and many others.
   FindIt - cat E
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          FindIt provides drivers real-time information on journeys. It
          can also display details about road junctions, petrol stations,
          fast food outlets, banks and 12 other databases.
   Flight Analyser - Please inquire for price.
          from Top of the Stack +44 123 585 0157
          For glider pilots and balloonists. Allows you to upload, view,
          analyse and archive electronic barograph traces on the Series
          3/3a. Features include auto scaling, multiple zooming, GPS
          support, automatic selection of climbs and descents and many
          useful utilities.
   GNAV3a - cat E
          from Pooleys Ltd. +44 181 207 3749
          Professional flight planning using waypoints created from
          latitudes and longitudes, national grid references or bearing
          and distances from known waypoints or a track and distance.
          Pooleys, Europe, US databases available.
   grafTIDE - cat E
          from Intecma Associates OMEGA +44 184 434 4570
          Heights of tide Tidal curve plotted for any day and any port in
          a user-maintained Port library. 30 day hi/low curve.
   LGBK3a - cat E
          from Pooleys Ltd. +44 181 207 3749
          An electronic logbook for the Professional or Private pilot.
          Handles both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing. Includes a CAA CAP371
          calculator for flying limitations and duty hours. Produces A4
          certified print outs.
   Navcomp - GBP 149.00
          from Intecma Associates OMEGA +44 184 434 4570
          Passage and race planning. Multi-function multi-leg system with
          built-in tidal streams for N. Europe. Estimated hourly
          positions with graphic display of groundtrack. Up to 99 legs,
          234 named waypoints with index. Wind oriented tacking. Optional
          NMEA0183 interface.
   Navigator - cat D
          from Maritek +44 141 554 2492
          A chart table companion for navigation, passage planning and
          keeping a log. Unlimited waypoints/routes. Computes a detailed
          passage plan. Computes present positions, bearings, ground
          track and speed, and keeps performance data. Full GPS
          capability with optional receiver. Optional astro-nav facility.
   Navplan - cat E
          from Airtech Systems +44 1224 74225
          Email: Navplan is a flight planning
          package for pilots of all experience levels, both helicopter
          and fixed wing. It is flexible enough to be simple and
          informative to any user, whilst remaining powerful enough to
          cope with any demands placed upon it by a commercial operator.
   Nautical Assistant - Please inquire for price.
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Check the European tide tables from the built-in data tables.
          Numerous navigational, waypoint and racing calculators
   Odyssey - cat D
          from NavTech Software +44 181 291 5475
          Email: A comprehensive record of
          flying hours including night, x-country, instrument and
          simulator time, plus approaches, landings and remarks. Uses
          defaults for rapid entry.
   Oil Survey 3 - Please inquire for price.
          from Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. +44 172 845 4171
          For oil and chemical cargoes. Up to 99 surveys may be stored.
          All the usual ASTM-IP tables plus many extras. Ability to print
          out survey with surveyor's name etc. via optional cable.
   Sierra - cat D
          from NavTech Software +44 181 291 5475
          Email: IFR/IVR flight planning and
          utilities for the private or professional pilot. Uses default
          values for fast planning with auto fuel plan and auto frequency
          windows. Uses TAS, RAS or MACH no. and can save multiple
   Sightmaster 3 - cat D
          from Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. +44 172 845 4171
          Email: An Ocean Navigation program
          which includes memory of all data for navigation, Sight
          reduction with all corrections automatically applied, Almanac
          for 59 stars, the sun, the moon and all 4 planets until 2100
   Stability Draft and Trim 3 - Please inquire for price.
          from Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. +44 172 845 4171
          For ship loading calculations. Storage for up to 10 ships, up
          to 99 voyages per ship, up to 99 cargo spaces, stores etc. per
          ship. All results printable via optional cable.
   Tides - cat D
          from Maritek Ltd. +44 141 554 2492
          Fast calculation of tidal heigth for hundreds of ports round
          the British Isles and Western Europe. You may also add more
          ports yourself.
   S3 Backup - Please inquire for price.
          from Point.X +42 224 225 347
          Provides simple and easy to use file backup from specified
          Series 3/3a disks (internal, A, B or any combination). Program
          runs from MS-DOS command line and can be included to the batch
          files. Program compares the files on Series 3 with contents of
          "archive" on PC to copy a new file.
   3BASE - Please inquire for price.
          from The Turing Machine Company +31 206 533 033
          A user-friendly Windows application offering data integration
          between your Series 3/3a database and many of the world's
          PC-based database applications. 3BASE will convert between
          Series 3, Series 3a, dBase IV, Windows Card, IIP95LX and FoxPro
          files and a variety of other database formats.
   S3WP - Please inquire for price.
          from Point.X +42 224 225 347
          Converts text between Series 3/3a Word processor and
          WordPerfect 5.1 files without losing any formatting information
          (styles, emphasis etc.). Database files (application DATA) can
          also be converted to WP 5.1 files. Utility is running from
          MS-DOS commands with various parameter settings.
   Commander 3a -Please inquire for price.
          from Yellow Computing +49 713 695 1111
          A toolbox of utilities for the Psion Series 3 and 3a. The
          Commander-Shell allows all file functions such as copying,
          renaming, deleting etc. Also includes a fast Database-Viewer,
          Data Compression, Hex Editor, SSD-Manager, Graphics view and
          print utility etc.
   dBase Convert - Please inquire for price.
          from Point.X +42 224 225 347
          Converts Series 3/3a database files from and to DBase file
          format (dBase III compatible). Also the ODB files (OPL data
          files) are handled. Program is MS-DOS command line driven and
          several parameters are provided. Agenda files can be
          transferred to dBase as well.
   ESP/3 (Electronic Sales and Purchases for Series 3) - GBP 75.00
          from Oak Software +44 192 681 5041
          A communications base using the ESP/Net service which brings
          customers and producers together electronically. Additional
          applications can easily be written as required.
   InterData - Please inquire for price.
          from Lacegem Ltd. +44 161 792 2871
          Gives you the power to manipulate your data effectively on your
          Series 3/3a and to work with, share and convert your data for
          use with your favourite Windows database. InterData S3 and
          InterData PC are supplied as a suite of two programs on a 3.5
          inch disk. Interdata S3 available alone on flashpack.
   PComm - contact ASC
          from Advanced System Consultants Inc. +1 513 429 8575
          PComm is an easy to use PC-like communications program for the
          Psion Series 3(a), HC or WorkAbout. Supports ANSI, VT100,
          IBM3270, X/Y Modem. Scripts are compatible with Procomm 2.0.
   Series 3 Tools - GBP 49.95
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          Puts you in control of your Series 3/3a, telling you how much
          RAM you have left, how much space each file on your SSDs takes
          up and how to make the most of what you have left. Also
          includes Convert utility and Task Manager.
   Tool Kit I - cat B
          from Purple Software Ltd +44 171 388 3111
          Email: Comprises 4 programs: File
          Manager (also available seperately), Convert (converts various
          things like currencies, length ...), PicView (view PIC, PCX,
          BMP and GIF pictures on your Psion) and ScnPrint (Print your
          screen direclty).
   VT100 Emulator - GBP 58.75
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444 Keep in touch with
          office system or test equipment on site direct from the Series
          3a. Use with remote system via modem or connect direct to any
          host requiring VT100 capability. Supports most VT100 features
          including underline, bold, reverse video, scrolling and keypad
   Wasp Time Recorder - Please inquire for price.
          from Wasp Software Ltd. +44 173 755 5989
          Portable Time Recorder for professionals. A host of features
          which you would have been pleased to think of yourself to make
          your business more fluent and profitable. Download and upload
          client details from network or mainframe. Report locally or on
          any supplier's system.
   Waspbox - Please inquire for price.
          from Wasp Software Ltd. +44 173 755 5989
          Provides office machine costs recovery for professionals.
          Copier, fax control and direct chargeback to client account
          irrespective of computer software supplier. Any office machine
          can be made to function only when valid client codes are
          entered. Stand-alone or networked. Local reports or mainframe.
   Winlink - GBP 29.99
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          Winlink makes communicating between a Series 3 or 3a and
          Windows easy. You need a Serial Link (RS232) Cable in order to
          use Winlink.
   Berdy Smartdocs - Please inquire for price.
          from Berdy Medical Systems +1 201 843 3366 (or 1 800 66 BERDY)
          SmartDocs is an easy to use hospital rounds assistant. With
          SmartDocs, you can quickly record your patient's diagnosis and
          procedure information on the spot. SmartDocs stores basic
          patient information, insurance data and ICD-9 and CPT codes
          with a minimum effort.
   Compute-A-Diet - cat C
          from Comcard Ltd. +44 190 577 8957
          A complete dietary analysis system incorporating the UK
          National Food Database. Calculates your ideal weight, dietary
          requirements, daily averages and much more. US and Aus.
          versions also available.
   COSHH Assessments - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          Allows H & S mangers to view COSHH details directly from the
          Series 3 and also enables them to undertake COSHH Assessments
          using the base chemical details. Full PC management control
   Ezey-Log - Please inquire for price.
          from Ezey-Log +44 161 903 9888
          Ezey-Log is a computerised log book designed by doctors for
          doctors. Allows you to store and generate your Anaesthetic,
          Surgical or Procedure Log Book. Package includes PC archive and
          link. Features include quick form-type input, simple transfer
          protocol to PC, workload breakdown, flexible input facility.
   Risk MATRIX Assessments - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          Full, user driven, Risk assessment system. Employs the Risk
          Matrix method of determining the risk level. Full risk action
          control and measures in place facilities. Full PC management
          control interface.
   Risk HRN Assessments - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          Full, user driven, Risk assessment system. Employs the Hazard
          Rating Number formula technique to determining the risk level.
          Full risk action control and measures in place facilities.
   Room Safety Checks - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          The H & S Manager can walk into a room and check all safety
          aspects. Complete with hazard ratings, notepad and automatic
          action alarms directly from the Series 3 Agenda. Full PC
          management control interface.
   Visual P.A.T Inspections - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          All electrical equipment can be checked easily and quickly for
          any obvious visual defects. Full recording of inspector, date,
          time and full results. Full history and overdue reporting. Full
          PC management control interface.
   Contact Edge - cat C
          from Total Computer Systems +44 199 257 5151
          Manages prospects, sales and business contact information by
          integrating a relational contact database and user defined
          report generator with the Psion 3 Agenda, Word and Spreadsheet.
          Contact TEAM links 3a's with Lotus Notes sales and marketing
          database for 2 way data exchange.
   Contact Team - cat E
          from Total Computer Systems +44 1992 57515147
          A complete sales and marketing multi-user system, written in
          Lotus Notes, which has a sophisticated gateway to the Series
          3(a) and integrates with the built-in applications (ie. Word,
          Sheet ...). Handles Email linking to Lotus Notes mail and Lotus
   G-Tabs - cat C
          from Gartside Neville Ltd. +44 1703 268001
          A sophisticated, easy to use system for collecting time,
          expense and cost data. Comprehensive facilities include
          activity timing, reviewing, cutting/pasting, merging,
          backing-up, printing and data transfer to the Psion Spreadsheet
          and PC-based accounting, database, spreadsheet and bespoke
   Job Search - cat B
          from Maritek +44 141 554 2492
          Helps the job seeker keep track of job applications,
          interviews, etc. It displays details of any application, lists
          applications and gives breakdown of the current state of
   Timebase - cat C
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 438 815444
          Timebase records time, activity, expenses and costs
          electronically, either in "real-time" using the built-in clock
          of the Series 3a or by manual entry after the event.
   Timebase Integrator - cat C
          from Total Computer Systems +44 1992 57515147
          A powerful, multi-user time recording system with several
          options for data capture, including recording time on a Series
          3(a), and additional report generating and project monitoring
   Timing Assistant - GBP 89.95
          from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
          Contains a set of business and domestic timing utilities. These
          include a professional work timer, a scheduler plus fitness,
          phone and chess timers. With Data Assistant which extends the
          built-in Data system.
   Asset Tracker & Portable Appliance Testing - Please inquire for price.
          from Surveying Technology +44 171 702 3850
          A Facilities Management tool that utilises the Series 3a and
          interfaces with Seaward PAT testers. Simplifies using the Psion
          Series 3 in conjunction with a CCD barcode scanner to keep
          track of company assets.
   Condition Survey Master - Please inquire for price.
          from Surveying Technology +44 171 702 3850
          Designed for Building Surveyors and Property Managers. A fully
          customisable Condition Surveying system using GUI allows fully
          detailed internal and external works to be monitored and
          downloaded into the Windows database.
   Geodos - cat E
          from Viker Data AB +46 31 36 32 00
          Geodos is a complete surveying software package for the Series
          3. Connectable to optional surveying instruments and GPS
          systems. Free stationing, traverse measurements, eccentric
          measurements, polar and rectangular setting out and
          measurementm resection, intersection...
   Geographical Database - cat D
          from Fawnbench Ltd. +44 127 645 1239
          Displays a map of the UK from a digital database including
          roads, railways, and rivers with full annotation showing town
          and road names. Features can be searched for by name and
          location. Users can add their own features represented by
          custom icons.
   Planned Building/Room Inspections - Please inquire for price.
          from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          A complete Building/FM managers package. Buildings/Rooms can be
          set-up with standard blocks of questions, enabling all aspects
          of the room to be checked. Full hazard ratings and automatic
          agenda and alarms when actions are due.
   Spotter's Mate - cat D
          from Brider Ltd. +44 1344 360290
          Spotter's Mate is the ideal companion for the railway
          enthusiast on the move. It contains all the current British
          Railways locomotives and multiple units, details of which can
          be displayed in seconds.
   Survey Master Graphique - Please inquire for price.
          from Surveying Technology +44 171 702 3850
          For creating survey drawings. A comprehensive list of commands
          that include entering symbols, editing data on site,
          calculating angles and viewing drawings on site. Download the
          survey drawing into AutoCAD or use DXF translator.
   Tube - cat B
          from SW Systems +44 1793 872146
          Email: Enables you to navigate the
          Lodon Underground, locate stations and places of interest and
          automatically calculate routes between any two stations.
   DataDeLuxe - GBP 69.95
          from Pocket & Soul +32 3232 3468
          Database for the Series 3 and 3a. Works with all existing data
          files. Toggles between a record view and table view of all
          selected records. Contains multiple search and select options
          and fast alphabetical sort routine.
   DataView and DataView Pro - cat B/C
          from Purple Software +44 171 388 3111
          Email: DataView is an easy to use,
          yet versatile, database manager that offers complete
          compatibility with databases prepared using the built-in Data
   Information - cat B
          from Surerange Analysis Ltd. +44 483 304960
          Email: A collection of small
          databases in Psion Data format containing commonly used facts.
          Disciplines include Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geography,
          Language and Computing.
   Mobile Pages - cat E
          from Mobile Software +44 181 906 0002
          Email: Mobile Pages is an
          innovative solution to an age old problem - equipping people on
          the move with the information they need to do their job. It
          allows easy downloading of information normally stored on
          business and corporate computers, providing access to that
          information in a simple and flexible manner by creating a
          relational database.
   Multivue - cat B
          from The User Group +44 1752 262627
          The complete businessman's database - design your own
          split-screens, scroll through information, select any mix of
          records, with full mail merge and label printing. Simple export
          facility to remote computers.
   Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
          With a wide range of on-hand experience, work closely as
          partners with companies requiring custom systems to provide an
          effective solution in almost all aspects of business and
          industry. References for quality satisfaction available.
   Iceberg Software Ltd +44 137 181 0829
          A consultancy service offering a professional team to meet your
          software requirements. Experience includes financial trading
          software, analytical, datafeed and remote Psion based access to
          PC applications. Can develop ideas and produce software for MS
          Windows, MS Windows NT and the Psion Series 3a.
   PNJ Consultants-Software Engineering +44 181 740 0215
          A software engineering and consultancy service is provided for
          all types of Psion machines. Applications can be developed
          professionally to your requirements for use on their own or in
          conjunction with larger systems.
   Right Hand Software Ltd. +44 181 319 8576
          Develop general and business applications for the Psion range
          of computers. Services include business requirement analysis,
          software design and programming in C or OPL, integration with
          desktop systems and implementation, training and support.
   The User Group - +44 175 276 8515
          User group for Psion. Receive unlimited technical support,
          advice, newsletters, shareware, new software, discount
          hardware, special offers, own bulletin board, regional seminars
          and fun. Cost is GBP 28.00 per year.
   Psion Rentals
          Blake Nancarrow can rent Psions in Canada. See the credits
          section for email contact address.
   First Steps in Programming the Psion Series 3.
          By Mike Shaw. GBP 14.95
          from Kuma Books Ltd. +44 173 484 4335
          Step by step instruction of the programming process of OPL.
   Introduction to Using the Psion Series 3.
          By Rod Lawton and Issac Davis. GBP 14.95
          from Kuma Books Ltd. +44 173 484 4335
          Disregards all the computer jargon and concentrates on the
          machines abilities and potential as your own Personal
   Serious Programming on the Psion Series 3.
          By Bill Aitken. GBP 14.95
          from Kuma Books Ltd. +44 173 484 4335
          Program planning and writing with many worked examples.
   Graphics programming on the Psion Series 3.
          By Bill Aitken. GBP 14.95
          from Kuma Books Ltd. +44 173 484 4335
          Detailed explanations of graphics programming with numerous
          worked out examples.
   Serious Programming on the Psion Series 3a.
          By Bill Aitken. GBP 16.95
          from Kuma Books Ltd. +44 173 484 4335
          Covers all the commands of the Series 3a including sound,
          drawing and filling in black and grey plus a major section on
   Programmeren in OPL - Please inquire for price.
          from Portasoft +31 757 042 05
          Describes how you design an application in OPL for the Psion
          Series 3 and 3a. It starts with simple programming and
          continues with subjects like using structures, procedures,
          menus and window functions. Available in Dutch.
   Desk Stand - GBP 16.99
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          If you don't have enough hands to talk on the phone and use the
          Series 3 at the same time, then you need this black, anodised
          aluminium desk stand. The angle of display makes it easier to
          read the screen and reduces glare. Designed to make your Series
          3/3a stand out above even the largest mound of paperwork
   The Cradle - cat E
          from Widget Software Ltd. +44 143 881 5444
          The Cradle is a docking station for Psion computers in a
          vehicle. It provides connections to the power and data and is
          easily adjustable for viewing.
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