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10. Reference Docs

This section is a collection of various reference documents which do not belong in any other section.

10.1. Mr. Coffee Jumper Info

Mr. Coffee Jumper Assignments

J0206                   JTAG header, perhaps JSCC compatible. 
J0904   1-2 shortened   Enter POST - output ttya, input ttya 
        1-2 open        Skip POST - output screen, input ttya 
        3-4             Unused 
        5-6             Unused 
        7-8             Unused 
J1101   1-2 open (dflt) TPE squelch 
        1-2 short       Reduced squelch threshold 
J1102   1-2 open (dflt) 100 Ohm TPE termination 
            short       150 Ohm TPE termination 
J1602                   Manufacturing test of unknown sort 
J1603   1-2             PROM select (unfortunately PROM socket is emply) 
        2-3 (default)   Flash select 
J1604   1-2             FPROM write disable 
        2-3 (default)   FPROM write enable 

J0904 block is a bit block of pullup resistors which a user may shorten. 
They may be read from the keyboard controller with a command 0xDD.

10.2. Krups Jumper Info

Krups Jumper Assignments

J1202   1-2     Use Flash 
        2-3     Select optional diagnostic FLASH PROM in socket J1203 
                (this does not sound quite right ...) 
J1300   1-2     Software debug use 
        3-4     Factory use - PROM switch?? 
        5-6     Unused 
        7-8     Flash update recovery 
J0500           JTAG 

10.3. JavaStation Press Release

Surprisingly, Sun's website still (as of Oct-31-2001) has the JavaStation press release online at Many thanks to Gary for pointing this out.

10.4. JavaOS 1.0 Download

Surprisingly, Sun's JavaOS 1.0 environment for the JavaStations is still mirrored about on the Internet even today (Oct-31-2001). JDSE 1.0.1 can be found at: Many thanks to Gary for pointing this out.

Download the link labeled 'jdse.tar'. JDSE 1.0.1 was one of the first demo version of JavaOS available, and was a free download. Later, downloads were restricted to paying customers. This first version is merely a boot image of JavaOS and the HotJava browser. No telnet or ssh applet, no X Windows applet, no file manager, no email applet, nothing but the browser. Starting to feel boxed in? Welcome to the official software of the JavaStation.

Copies of latter versions of JavaOS as included in the NetraJ software bundle have not been located online yet. This is probably due to the latter versions, namely NetraJ 2 and above, was retail software, and never available for free download from Sun's site.

10.5. Espresso IDE circuit

Pete Zaitcev has written a document describing how to enable IDE on your Espresso model JavaStation. It is included here with Pete's permission.

By Pete Zaitcev

I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damages to your
equiment or yourself resulting from you reading this document.

IDE interrupt line is connected "upside down" on the Espresso.
To have IDE working we need to insert an invertor in it.
We borrow the invertor from ISA IRQ3. If you want to use ISA
modem, set it to use COM3/IRQ4 (please realize that Linux IRQ
level would be programmed in CPU PCIC).

The following picture provides an overhead view:

    +==================== wire 1 =======================+
    #                                                   #
    #           1202                        1200        #            1201
    #        +-------+                   +-------+      #         +-------+
    #       -!  REP  !--14            1 -!  INV  !- 14  #         !       !
    #       -!       !-                 -!       !-     #         !       !
    #       -!       !-                 -!       !-     #         !       !
    #     4 -!       !-                 -!       !--11==+         !       !
    # /---5--!       !-                 -!       !--10====+       !       !
    #/    6--!--\    !-                 -!       !-  9    #       !       !
A-> *     7 -!   \---!---8              -!       !-  8    #       !       !
    !        +-------+   !               +-------+        #       +-------+
    !                    !                                #
    Z                    ! /=========== wire 2 ===========+
    Z                    !/
    Z R2026          B-> +--- ZZZZ ---*
    Z (pullup)               R1208

I recommend to proceed in the following way:

1. Disconnect 1202 5 & 6. Not knowing if I need them I lifted pins with a
model knife. You may just cut them with side cutters.

2. Lift pins 1200 10 & 11 but do not cut them!

3. Run wires from resistor pads "A" to pin 1200 11 and from pad "B" to
   pin 1200 10. Resistor pads are much easier targets for soldering at home
   than pads under pins 1202 5 & 6. I am a software engineer, so I did it
   the easy way.

   I did not bother to glue wires as a decent electronics hacker would do.

   You are all set. Get kernel 2.4, hack drivers/block/ and enjoy!

   P.S. Let me know if you have drawings of hard drive brackets for Espresso.

10.6. JavaStation Boot Monitoring Key Combinations

When booting your JavaStation, there are certain key combinations you can press to enable some boot monitoring functionality.

Javastation Key Combinations

These are the key combinations that allow you to perform the command monitor
Press left Alt, left Ctrl key, letter; then turn the power on. You have to
have the keys pressed when you turn on the power otherwise it will not work. 

Ctrl-Alt-H Help on chords
Ctrl-Alt-B Show progress banner
Ctrl-Alt-W Show Ether net address and memory size
Ctrl-Alt-D Run diagnostics             

These key combinations do not work with the Mr. Coffee model.

10.7. JavaStation Photo Gallery

This section contains links to pictures of the JavaStation line.

Front view of Mr. Coffee is at:

Top view of Mr. Coffee is at:

Inside view of Mr. Coffee is at:

Mr. Coffee white case variation #1 at:

Mr. Coffee white case variation #2 at:

Front view of krups is at:

Side view of krups is at:

Top view of krups is at:

Front view of Espresso is at:

Side view of Espresso is at:

Rear view of Espresso is at:

Inside view of Espresso is at:

See the JavaEngine-1 at:

View of the JavaStation mousepad is at:

View of a Lab of JavaStations running Linux is at:

JavaStation Prototype at:

JavaStation Prototype Pic 2 at:

JavaStation Prototype Pic 3 at:

"Dover" JavaStation Internal Pic at:

JavaStation Cluster of Eric Brower running a parallel POVRay calculation at:

JavaStation/Fox front view at:

JavaStation/Fox back view at:

JavaStation/Fox facing view at:

JavaStation/Fox internal left view at:

JavaStation/Fox internal right view at:

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