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3. Where to get this document.

The official version of this document can be obtained from the Linux Documentation Project

The homepage for the most recent version of this HOWTO is:

3.1 Translations

This HOWTO has been translated into the following languages:

Please note that translations may be slightly out of date from this document as, naturally enough, the translations take time.

Korean By Lee,So-min <>

French By Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale <>

Hungarian By Andras Timar <>

Italian By Mariani Dario <>

Spanish By Arielo <>

Dutch By Reggy Ekkebus <>

Japanese By Saito Kan <>

Slovene By Jernej Kovacic <>

Many thanks to the above translators. If you can translate this HOWTO, please drop the author an email. Also please state the URL where the translation will be housed.

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