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5. How it works (a scenario):

Prior to ignition, I insert a disk, preloaded with an operating system in the removable drive. When I turn on the machine, I am presented at the LILO prompt (by pressing <tab>) with "Linux" and "Disk2" as options. Linux is the default and would automatically boot if I did nothing. When selected, Disk2 either boots directly into the single O/S stored on the second disk or presents me with a second boot menu if there is more than one O/S on that disk. If I power down, replace the second disk with another and power back up, I still get the initial Linux/Disk 2 menu and, if I select Disk2, a new menu appropriate to the newly inserted disk. Once installed, I never have to modify the LILO configuration on the first disk, I never have to change BIOS setting to boot from the second disk and I never have to go through more than two menu selections to get my selected O/S up and running.

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