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1. Introduction

This document explains how to configure Mutt-i, PGP and GnuPG in its diferents versions (2.6.x, 5.x and GnuPG) to quickly start using a mail reader with encryption and digital signing capabilities.

For this purpose, example configuration files will be included to help you starting with it. To obtain maximum performance and to use all the features of the programs that we will be using, it will be necesary to read its documentation and to reconfigure the example files.

Also, some problems derived from not using RFC2015 about PGP/MIME by many mail user agents in Linux and other operating systems will be comented.

An aditional procmail configuration example will be showed to enable our mail client to send a public key on request.

This document has been translated from the Spanish original by AndrИs Seco, and revised and corrected by Jordi Mallach PИrez and J.Horacio M.G. It was finished in October 1999. We would like to thanks Roland Rosenfeld, Christophe Pernod, Denis Alan Hainsworth and Angel Carrasco for their corrections and suggestions.

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