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16. Installing RedHat 7.0

This section is written by Leonard den Ottolander

To install RedHat 7.0 over PLIP the easiest way to go is to use a patched bootnet.img which is available via the url This saves the need for a driver disk, which might be useful when installing on a machine which floppy drive stops functioning after boot (I made this bootnet-plip.img to do an install to a Toshiba Libretto 30 which has a funny PCMCIA floppy drive that is no longer available after boot).

This disk is a full bootnet.img for RedHat 7.0, with the modules necessary for PLIP added to it. Since there was enough disk space, no modules had to be deleted. So you can use this image as if it were a full featured bootnet.img. No need for different disks.

I am not going into detail on the actual installation procedure, but there are a few things to note:

16.1 Creating your own bootnet-plip disk

This section is a slightly adapted copy of the procedure to create a bootnet-plip image for RedHat 6.2 described by Tilmann Bubeck. Thanx Tilmann!

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