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9. Connecting to the WAN

At this point your cipe interface should be up and running. Try pinging machines on the other network(s). If you cannot ping check the following on the firewall machine:

If your other machines behind your firewall cannot access machines behind the other firewall check that the gateway is properly setup on both ends.

Once you are able to ping, ftp, telnet, etc. to machines on the other network, the next step is to get your networks to see each other and access each other using SAMBA browsing. A few hints: lmhosts or wins server is required, trusted domains for NT. I have set these up, but that is not the purpose of this document (at least not for now).

If you used the example firewall masquerading script, then all of your machines should also be able to connect to the internet. If you cannot, then you might want to check the log files. You may also want to try using tcpdump to see what is happening with the packets.

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