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2. QuakeWorld clients

If you'd like a ready to compile distribution of QuakeWorld that has this HOWTO's procedures performed on it already, then you can download it at:

Otherwise ...

It seems that the glqwcl.glx binary available at least at in the package qwcl-2.30-glibc-i386-unknown-linux2.0.tar.gz is not compiled properly since on startup, it looks for

QuakeWorld clients come in several flavors:


glqwcl (3dfx only?)

glqwcl.glx (MesaGL/XFree4)

Software only:

qwcl (svgalib)

qwcl.xl1 (x11/svgalib)

If you happen to have an Nvidia card and are interested in a complete HOWTO for installing the Nvidia drivers and an assortment of OpenGL libraries (GLU, glut, Qt, OpenGL man pages), then see the NVIDIA-OpenGL-Configuration_miniHOWTO at:

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