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Sending Feedback on the Cyrus IMAP Server

Feedback on and fixes for the software or on the document may be sent to . Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a response but we'll try the best we can. As usual, a high quality and complete message helps us tremendously.

If you submit a patch, please send unified diffs (-u) if your diff program supports them, or context diffs (-c) if it doesn't. Plain diffs are very difficult to evaluate. GNU diff can do this.

When reporting problems, be sure to include the relevant information. For example, you must include:

You should also include:

NOTE: If you are able to connect to the imap server, all of this information can be gathered by using the version command in cyradm. If you can not use cyradm because you are having perl problems, you can connect using imtest and then run the following IMAP command:

The mailing list exists for the discussion of this server and other Cyrus software; more information is available in the mailing-list document. You may get faster/more responses by posting to this list instead of to cyrus-bugs, as there are more readers here.

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