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devconfig (1)
  • >> devconfig (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         devconfig - configure device attributes
         devconfig  is  an  interactive  editor  for  device   driver
         hardware  configuration files and the OpenWindows configura-
         tion file.
         Devices that are not self-identifying require  that  correct
         information  be  supplied in the hardware configuration file
         in order for the device  to  be  recognized.   Devconfig  is
         designed  to  ease  the  task  of maintaining correct device
         information in the configuration files.
         Prototype  configuration   information   files   stored   in
         /usr/lib/devconfig  are  used  to check user input to ensure
         that the values provided  for  each  attribute  are  of  the
         correct   type   and   fall   within   legal   bounds.   See
         device.cfinfo(4) for a description of the format  of  confi-
         guration  information  files.  The  location for the  cfinfo
         files  can be set by the  DEVCONFIGHOME   environment  vari-
         After making changes to a hardware configuration  file  that
         has  a  driver  associated  with  it,  an attempt is made to
         reload the driver to verify the  attributes.   Some  drivers
         may not be unloadable. In this case, a system reboot must be
         initiated before the new attributes  can  take  effect.   If
         necessary, devconfig also updates the OpenWindows configura-
         tion file, OWconfig (see the OpenWindows  Desktop  Reference
          devconfig makes a backup copy of a modified file in a  .bak
         file.   In  addition, the first version of OWconfig is saved
         in This is because the  original  version  of
         OWconfig  contains helpful prototype information that may be
         referred to in case OWconfig needs to be edited manually.
         If the default location for configuration files is not writ-
         able  (as  is the case during installation) devconfig writes
         the updated files in  the  same  location  relative  to  the
         directory /tmp/root. No attempt is made to reload the driver
         in this case.
         devconfig is controlled by a simple menu system. The Up/Down
         arrow keys move the cursor to different items in a menu. The
         Left/Right arrow keys move the cursor to different items  in
         a field. The Enter key selects an item. (Note that the Enter
         key may be labeled Return on some keyboards.) See the online
         help for more guidance.
         devconfig first displays a list of configured devices in the
         system.   Selecting  a  configured device allows you to view
         its attributes or unconfigure it.  Self-identifying  devices
         can not be unconfigured by  devconfig.
         When you add a new device, devconfig displays the  supported
         device   categories.   After  choosing  a  device  category,
         devconfig displays the devices supported in  that  category.
         Self-identifying  devices cannot be added with devconfig and
         they are not displayed in the list of  the  devices.   After
         you  have  selected  the  device  to  be  added,   devconfig
         displays the list of the device attributes.  Once  you  have
         chosen the proper values for the attributes and applied them
         by using the Apply button, the device is added to  the  list
         of configured devices.  You may cancel an operation by using
         the Cancel button.
               hardware configuration files
               configuration information files
               network OpenWindows configuration file
               local OpenWindows configuration file
         See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-
        |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
        | Architecture                | IA                          |
        | Availability                | SUNWo86u                    |
         drvconfig(1M), prtconf(1M), device.cfinfo(4), attributes(5)
         OpenWindows Desktop Reference Manual

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