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fncreate_printer (1)
  • >> fncreate_printer (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         fncreate_printer - create new printers in the FNS namespace
         fncreate_printer [ -sv ]  compositename  printername   prin-
         teraddr  [ printeraddr ... ]
         fncreate_printer [ -sv ]  [ -f filename ]  compositename
         fncreate_printer  creates  a  new  printer  context  for  an
         organization,  user,  host, or site object. compositename is
         the  FNS name of the object. fncreate_printer uses  printer-
         name  to name the new printer and binds it to an  FNS refer-
         ence   constructed   from   the   set    of    printeraddrs.
         fncreate_printer  may  also  be used to add new printeraddrs
         for an existing printername.
         The command also supports creating  a  set  of  printers  as
         listed in the file filename.
         The new  printer  context  is  created  with  the  FNS  name
         <compositename>/service/printer/<printername>. If the inter-
         mediate service or printer names do  not  exist,  their  FNS
         contexts  are  also created by this command. Normally, these
         intermediate contexts would be created by an  administrative
         script  that uses fncreate(1M), and is run at the time a new
         FNS organization is set up. The reference bound to  the  FNS
         printer  name  is  of  type  onc_printers and is constructed
         from the set of printeraddrs. A printeraddr is of  the  form
         <addresstype>=<address>. See printers.conf(4) for the format
         of printeraddr and also the  examples  below  for  currently
         supported address types and address strings.
         An  FNS printer name is accepted as a valid printer name  by
         lp(1),  lpstat(1),  cancel(1), lpmove(1M), lpr(1B), lpq(1B),
         and lprm(1B).
         The printername argument may be a slash-separated  name.  In
         this  case, prior to creating the printer context denoted by
         the  ``leaf''  name,  this  command  will   create   printer
         context(s)  for  the  intermediate  node(s)  if  they do not
         already exist. See EXAMPLES.
         fncreate_printer  creates  entries  in  the  naming  service
         determined  by  fnselect(1M).   See  fnselect(1M)  for  more
         information on the default naming service and on selecting a
         naming  service.  Furthermore,  the  process  executing  the
         fncreate_printer command may require certain credentials  to
         update   information   in   the  underlying  namespace.  See
         fns_nis+(5), fns_nis(5), and fns_files(5) for more  informa-
         -s    The new address supersedes an  existing  address  with
               the      same     addresstype,     if     any,     for
               <compositename>/service/printer/<printername>. If this
               option  is  omitted,  it appends the printeraddr to an
               existing reference, or creates a new  reference  using
               printeraddr for the printer.
         -v    Displays information about individual printer contexts
               as they are created.
         -f filename
               Use  filename to obtain a list of printers  for  which
               to   create  contexts.  If  this  option  is  omitted,
               /etc/printers.conf is used as the input file, in which
               case  the  -s  option  should be used to supersede the
               entries already present in this file.
               The file that  contains  a  list  of  printers  to  be
               created.   This   file   uses   the   same  format  as
               /etc/printers.conf.  See  printers.conf(4)  for   more
               The name of the new printer context created.
               An address to be associated with the  printer  context
               The FNS name for the org, host, user, or  site  object
               for which the new printer contexts are created.
         Example 1: Creating Printer Contexts
         The following examples illustrate creating  a set of printer
         contexts  under  an  organization,  a  printer context for a
         user, and a printer context associated with  a  hierarchical
         printer  name  for  a site, respectively. To create printers
         for an organization:
         example% fncreate_printer -s org/marketing
         This causes the creation of  a  printer  context  for  every
         entry  listed  in  the /etc/printers.conf file on the system
         where the command is executed.  The  printer  contexts  thus
         created  are bound under the organization's printer context,
         org/marketing/service/printer. The -s flag  is  required  to
         force the creation of the printer contexts in the underlying
         namespace, since  the  default  /etc/printers.conf  file  is
         being used.
         To create a printer named ps for user jsmith  and  associate
         it  with  the  killtree  printer  served by the print server
         example% fncreate_printer -s usr/jsmith ps bsdaddr=paperwaster,killtree
         This causes jsmith's ps printername to  be  associated  with
         the  killtree printer on the server paperwaster, overwriting
         any existing address of type bsdaddr. The user can print  to
         this printer using the command:
         example% lp -d thisuser/service/printer/ps <filename>
         To create a printer with the  hierarchical  name  color/fast
         under a site:
         example% fncreate_printer site/bldg14/northwing color/fast \
         This        causes         the         printer         named
         site/bldg14/northwing/service/printer/color/fast to be asso-
         ciated with the laser printer on server paperwaster. If  the
         intermediate                 printer                 context
         site/bldg14/northwing/service/printer/color does not  exist,
         it  will  also  be  created  and  associated  with  the same
         printer.         If         the         printer         name
         site/bldg14/northwing/service/printer/color/fast     already
         exists and has an address of type  bsdaddr  associated  with
         it, this command will fail.
         0     Successful operation.
         1     Operation failed.
         See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-
        |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
        | Availability                | SUNWfns                     |
         cancel(1), lp(1),  lpq(1B),  lpr(1B),  lprm(1B),  lpstat(1),
         fncreate(1M),    fnselect(1M),    lpmove(1M),   printers(4),
         printers.conf(4),   attributes(5),   fns(5),   fns_files(5),
         fns_nis(5), fns_nis+(5)

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