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tackdown (1)
  • >> tackdown (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         tackdown -	 External  module  for	permanently  transforming
         Geomview objects.
         Tackdown is a tool	to permanently transform objects in Geom-
         view.   Tackdown  first reads the target geometry from Geom-
         view.  It then reads the transform	of the	target	geometry,
         and  applies  the	transform  to the object.  The old target
         geometry is replaced by the transformed version.  Once tack-
         down  has	been run on an object, centering it will cause it
         to	go back	to the last place it was tacked	down.
         Make sure the normalization is  off  -  otherwise,	 Geomview
         will  renormalize	the object and it will return to the ori-
         The user may select the desired coordinate	system using  the
         buttons  at  the  bottom of the panel.  Note that tacking an
         object down in  the  universe  coordinate	system	when  the
         transform	of the world object is not the identity	may cause
         the object	to appear to thave  changed  position.	 This  is
         because   the  world  transform  is  incorporated	into  the
         universe transform.  When the new object appears, the  world
         transfrom	will  be  applied  to  it  twice:   once  via the
         transform that was	permanently applied to it by tackdown and
         once  by  Geomview	 when  the  object was drawn.  To get the
         object to reappear	where you expected  it	to  be,	 set  the
         transform of the world to the identity matrix.
         Tackdown may not be run on	the world geometry.
         Celeste Fowler		     email:
         The Geometry Center	     phone:  (612) 626-8304
         1300 South	Second Street
         Minneapolis, MN  55454

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