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SuSE Security Announcement: xmcd (SuSE-SA:2001:025)

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Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 19:33:59 +0200 (CEST)
From: Thomas Biege <>
Subject: SuSE Security Announcement: xmcd (SuSE-SA:2001:025)



                        SuSE Security Announcement

        Package:                xmcd
        Announcement-ID:        SuSE-SA:2001:025
        Date:                   Friday, Aug 3rd 2001 18:30 MEST
        Affected SuSE versions: (6.0, 6.1, 6.2,) 6.3, 6.4, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
        Vulnerability Type:     local privilege escalation
        Severity (1-10):        4
        SuSE default package:   no
        Other affected systems: yes

        Content of this advisory:
        1) security vulnerability resolved: yes
           problem description, discussion, solution and upgrade information
        2) pending vulnerabilities, solutions, workarounds
        3) standard appendix (further information)


1)  problem description, brief discussion, solution, upgrade information

    Cda, a setuid commandline part of xmcd, a X11/Motif audio CD player by
    Ti Kan <>, was found vulnerable by a link attack and some
    These bugs could be exploited by an adversary, who has access to the
    system, to overwrite files or gain higher privileges.

    As a temporary fix, just remove the setuid bit from cda:
       /bin/chmod 755 /usr/X11R6/bin/cda
    or let just trusted users execute cda:
       /bin/chown root.trusted /usr/X11R6/bin/cda
       /bin/chmod 4750 /usr/X11R6/bin/cda
    Don't forget to add these changes to your /etc/permissions.local file
    Users of SuSE 7.2 with or permissions.paranoid
    activated are safe, because setuid is already removed.

    Thanks to Paul Starzetz <>, who reportes the link attack
    and to Ti Kan <>, the author of xmcd, for his fast response
    and help.

    New RPMs can be found at the following places.

    i386 Intel Platform:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    Sparc Platform:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    AXP Alpha Platform:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    PPC PowerPC Platform:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:

    source rpm:


2)  Pending vulnerabilities in SuSE Distributions and Workarounds:

  - openssl
    Currently we check are checking the dependencies of openssl to other
    dynamic or static linked applications on SuSE Linux. An announcement
    will be released soon.

  - dqs has found an exploitable buffer overflow bug in
    the dsh program from the dqs package on SuSE Linux distributions.
    To workaround the problem, do "chmod -s /usr/bin/dsh" and change the
    files /etc/permissions* to reflect the change. If you do not need the
    dqs package, then deinstall it (rpm -e dqs).
    Packages for most of the supported SuSE Linux distributions are
    available at the usual location<;arch>/<dist>
    for download and installation/update. Do not forget to change the files
    /etc/permissions* to remove the suid-bit from the dsh program. Please
    note that we will not issue a dedicated security announcement for this
    specific bug.

  - pcp
    Paul Starzetz discovered a security weakness in the setuid root program
    /usr/share/pcp/bin/pmpost. The common library in pcp trusts the
    environment that has been supplied by the user, regardless of privileged
    execution or not. By consequence, a user can specify the configuration
    file and therefore write to files owned by root. The problem is not based
    on insecurely following symlinks as stated by Paul Starzetz.
    The pcp package is not installed by default in SuSE Linux distributions.
    We have provided update packages for the SuSE Linux distributions version
    7.1 and 7.2 that remove the setuid bit from the pmpost binary. Versions
    before SuSE-7.1 were not affected because the setuid bit was not set.
    We thank Keith Owens and Mark Goodwin from Silicon Graphics for responding
    quickly and for publishing a new version of the pcp package which will
    be included in future releases of the SuSE Linux distribution. For more
    information see the /usr/share/doc/packages/pcp directory of your SuSE
    Linux installation after installing the update package, or go to
    obtained from .
    Please note that there will not be a dedicated security announcement
    for this specific bug.

  - fetchmail (fetchml)
    New fetchmail packages are available on the ftp server. The packages
    cure a buffer overflow that can be exploited by sending a victim a
    specially designed email, waiting for the victim's fetchmail program
    to pick up the email. We are preparing a security announcement for this

  - openssh
    update packages for the openssh package after (and including) SuSE-6.4
    are available on our ftp servers (for < 7.1) or (for >= 7.1). We are currently checking for a non-security
    related irregularity in sshd's behaviour under faulty setup conditions.

  - exim
    SuSE Linux distributions do not contain the exim Mail Transport Agent
    (See for details) and are therefore not susceptible
    to the recently found security-related bugs.

  - webmin
    SuSE Linux distributions do not contain the webmin administration
    web frontend (See for details) and are therefore
    not vulnerable to the recently found security-related problems in the


3)  standard appendix: authenticity verification, additional information

  - Package authenticity verification:

    SuSE update packages are available on many mirror ftp servers all over
    the world. While this service is being considered valuable and important
    to the free and open source software community, many users wish to be
    sure about the origin of the package and its content before installing
    the package. There are two verification methods that can be used
    independently from each other to prove the authenticity of a downloaded
    file or rpm package:
    1) md5sums as provided in the (cryptographically signed) announcement.
    2) using the internal gpg signatures of the rpm package.

    1) execute the command
        md5sum <name-of-the-file.rpm>
       after you downloaded the file from a SuSE ftp server or its mirrors.
       Then, compare the resulting md5sum with the one that is listed in the
       announcement. Since the announcement containing the checksums is
       cryptographically signed (usually using the key,
       the checksums show proof of the authenticity of the package.
       We disrecommend to subscribe to security lists which cause the
       email message containing the announcement to be modified so that
       the signature does not match after transport through the mailing
       list software.
       Downsides: You must be able to verify the authenticity of the
       announcement in the first place. If RPM packages are being rebuilt
       and a new version of a package is published on the ftp server, all
       md5 sums for the files are useless.

    2) rpm package signatures provide an easy way to verify the authenticity
       of an rpm package. Use the command
        rpm -v --checksig <file.rpm>
       to verify the signature of the package, where <file.rpm> is the
       filename of the rpm package that you have downloaded. Of course,
       package authenticity verification can only target an uninstalled rpm
       package file.
        a) gpg is installed
        b) The package is signed using a certain key. The public part of this
           key must be installed by the gpg program in the directory
           ~/.gnupg/ under the user's home directory who performs the
           signature verification (usually root). You can import the key
           that is used by SuSE in rpm packages for SuSE Linux by saving
           this announcement to a file ("announcement.txt") and
           running the command (do "su -" to be root):
            gpg --batch; gpg < announcement.txt | gpg --import
           SuSE Linux distributions version 7.1 and thereafter install the
           key "" upon installation or upgrade, provided that
           the package gpg is installed. The file containing the public key
           is placed at the toplevel directory of the first CD (pubring.gpg)
           and at .

  - SuSE runs two security mailing lists to which any interested party may
        -   general/linux/SuSE security discussion.
            All SuSE security announcements are sent to this list.
            To subscribe, send an email to
        -   SuSE's announce-only mailing list.
            Only SuSE's security annoucements are sent to this list.
            To subscribe, send an email to

    For general information or the frequently asked questions (faq)
    send mail to:
        <> or
        <> respectively.

SuSE's security contact is <>. The <> public key is listed below.
______________________________________________________________________________ The information in this advisory may be distributed or reproduced, provided that the advisory is not modified in any way. In particular, it is desired that the cleartext signature shows proof of the authenticity of the text. SuSE GmbH makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever with respect to the information contained in this security advisory. Type Bits/KeyID Date User ID pub 2048R/3D25D3D9 1999-03-06 SuSE Security Team <> pub 1024D/9C800ACA 2000-10-19 SuSE Package Signing Key <> - -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see mQENAzbhLQQAAAEIAKAkXHe0lWRBXLpn38hMHy03F0I4Sszmoc8aaKJrhfhyMlOA BqvklPLE2f9UrI4Xc860gH79ZREwAgPt0pi6+SleNFLNcNFAuuHMLQOOsaMFatbz JR9i4m/lf6q929YROu5zB48rBAlcfTm+IBbijaEdnqpwGib45wE/Cfy6FAttBHQh 1Kp+r/jPbf1mYAvljUfHKuvbg8t2EIQz/5yGp+n5trn9pElfQO2cRBq8LFpf1l+U P7EKjFmlOq+Gs/fF98/dP3DfniSd78LQPq5vp8RL8nr/o2i7jkAQ33m4f1wOBWd+ cZovrKXYlXiR+Bf7m2hpZo+/sAzhd7LmAD0l09kABRG0JVN1U0UgU2VjdXJpdHkg VGVhbSA8c2VjdXJpdHlAc3VzZS5kZT6JARUDBRA24S1H5Fiyh7HKPEUBAVcOB/9b yHYji1/+4Xc2GhvXK0FSJN0MGgeXgW47yxDL7gmR4mNgjlIOUHZj0PEpVjWepOJ7 tQS3L9oP6cpj1Fj/XxuLbkp5VCQ61hpt54coQAvYrnT9rtWEGN+xmwejT1WmYmDJ xG+EGBXKr+XP69oIUl1E2JO3rXeklulgjqRKos4cdXKgyjWZ7CP9V9daRXDtje63 Om8gwSdU/nCvhdRIWp/Vwbf7Ia8iZr9OJ5YuQl0DBG4qmGDDrvImgPAFkYFzwlqo choXFQ9y0YVCV41DnR+GYhwl2qBd81T8aXhihEGPIgaw3g8gd8B5o6mPVgl+nJqI BkEYGBusiag2pS6qwznZiQEVAwUQNuEtBHey5gA9JdPZAQFtOAf+KVh939b0J94u v/kpg4xs1LthlhquhbHcKNoVTNspugiC3qMPyvSX4XcBr2PC0cVkS4Z9PY9iCfT+ x9WM96g39dAF+le2CCx7XISk9XXJ4ApEy5g4AuK7NYgAJd39PPbERgWnxjxir9g0 Ix30dS30bW39D+3NPU5Ho9TD/B7UDFvYT5AWHl3MGwo3a1RhTs6sfgL7yQ3U+mvq MkTExZb5mfN1FeaYKMopoI4VpzNVeGxQWIz67VjJHVyUlF20ekOz4kWVgsxkc8G2 saqZd6yv2EwqYTi8BDAduweP33KrQc4KDDommQNDOXxaKOeCoESIdM4p7Esdjq1o L0oixF12CohGBBARAgAGBQI7HmHDAAoJEJ5A4xAACqukTlQAoI4QzP9yjPohY7OU F7J3eKBTzp25AJ42BmtSd3pvm5ldmognWF3Trhp+GZkBogQ57vSBEQQAk/GN+ftr 7+DBlSoixDDpfRnUk+jApGEt8hCnrnjVnPs/9Cr33+CXLQbILOO7Y5oiPbJdHh45 t4E0fKyLVzDerCRFB1swz/mNDxT26DLysdBV5fwNHTPhxa67goAZVrehQPqJEckk IpYriOaYcKpF3n5fQIZMEfMaHEElQhcXML8AoJVXDkJYh7vI8EUB8ZURNLZMEECN A/sH0MCnb4Q6ZcRyeZ3+1PHP8hP73b6TepRdLZhaylwVF/iu7uIn62ZUL4//NTOC DY7V63qg4iba/fUbOsWtEnGaiE7mQuAlsSWvRspwRA9/g9rdVf3/JdLJrLmKBThe yG+PSJE3W7cAE4ZWafGxIRCwXhmj3TQnJn2euqylHRubEQP/aL53NZK0kBdvrKgf f6O8Of6tqoss8Dkk55I7QVFSp+My1Dn+mngQKFejTAgtyo/WmR3wPjQ9HoT2lRiY I2lTRYT4uMdHuwVC3b4DqAKmoy375FERwHkrMVyKBJslv8QtbAWw5A1CAUseaHo+ 91wmYJ4/4p6YUahqbG/tZyhbxfq0KFN1U0UgUGFja2FnZSBTaWduaW5nIEtleSA8 YnVpbGRAc3VzZS5kZT6IXAQTEQIAHAUCOe70gQUJA8JnAAQLCgMEAxUDAgMWAgEC F4AACgkQqE7a6JyACspfLACffAYA+NM8NBhyRyH+nTX58CNjwLIAoIx9fj52BJe0 xY7WbKoXs1+72b2AiEYEEBECAAYFAjpwXlIACgkQnkDjEAAKq6TczgCgi+ddhWb7 +FWcfeE6WwPZccqAHowAnjjtRyGwHLQHr5OTFAYTXi2Wv6jNiQEVAwUQOnBgb3ey 5gA9JdPZAQE1pwf/QJ+b34lFBNVUJ7fk/xGJJREt7V12iSafaRzGuH8xWvIz1bb+ VARxnnt16FDQ1cDNjoEhCEmcW83Vxp6iJXE9PE8wVA/Yue/bon5JS7J69+UiQ2eq 2pudfwljp52lYVM53jgPYEz0q/v3091nlZ8CYkAkN9JDS1lV1gEzJ7J0+POngDpU +lDQT2EC6VKaxeWK8pNt6UFDwICRDQxKnlOoiDvTrdWT7QdJZ4sPv8Qotdw9+tKN bWQ2DqdIRxyTdw9xDfAtcj6mXeQr7852Lwem1gSKVnEYHZ9g1FTJqVOutY8KhpUc 9RfOCRv8XuIxrs4KSbfSF0s8qIRCQelxufg9AbkCDQQ57vSSEAgAhJHQTejMX+Vr 6g1pHDEcusJ63fQ2CfFFE5iE9okH9O7UVCiSfb9CV38dmeHdPCEEjDUWquFYEnvj 3WICMtH249t1Ymuf4Du3yRKQ9oXdn/qTJzlrx9qzjiG3mH7ocwHOgUIwCrZoEdBE VE2n0zPVm+hddwjWWTWXw6pxQz+i9dsN89xexRV5M9O0bNwCLaNWX2GXeLAkqTK/ 9EuZy6x2yLxi6du9YYUAXkZpqBhCjtiUXpRoFCdglMznbcAyCk9C2wqb2j/D1Z2B eSBaGCSFkR6pRLebnE17LWcu72Iy+r0z+JecbPiyDpDZj4apn7IC81aNFGi7fNIT sHODbwwjiwADBgf/YPvVdzkc8OC7ztacEWCanwylKvxCdKzTDA+DfES6WUYShyiV JvZzRy25LJ5WcK20kzOS6Qv1OrIXiz/pdGy1aKtJZrAnFEsofpmOj8VoqyyFgp/y AGQBp12+mXek7SCZRhuqalDfEMRiWEJ6J5dLkyShyRDWyPbFh0HXE7QTHN+IKKxx QqNQXL6Z3NSxS61p+5n6BseiDUI39xxkKTFwFrkgUIc5Gs2Or2lhaWvGwSfoCmwb sklszZt6xbU+R0SjFqTvjPWx6eHfqbmNC9WMDdTjGrXDDKXFp2aYlokfN6It9vsb VlGNlOwHt/JjGoPMxW6Xqj0FLA7/VewgCdXW64hMBBgRAgAMBQI57vSSBQkDwmcA AAoJEKhO2uicgArKSyIAmwUHf/vtKQfcmVg4asR7U6XQl0bAAJ4pO22B5U8UH6IY l2LBCXFqw5+5fA== =Jnnf - -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.3i Charset: noconv iQEVAwUBO2ra+Xey5gA9JdPZAQESXgf+IL48vWoNAkc3LC2KfLBKWELXNFj0fhZL V3p0Q2UtUUdJDpP3FL+YXn7ydOBQsI6jCk972Qhrbo8fW9wrBzNQRuI7qRd2GyKm LN5ZWa3QiaM3yjV1/GoWODmXlm/48N/Veqbz0Fiz9tuEfj6RbIwszEKRz4Gsu9pt o6TCzbAG1bY4ybzl1GkvOQkwvP/82tn0xbpey7XPyXbCPJAI+j/ZnpvCX1b/zpVv c7BDOc0r9GReICxpUiQq6ZUOhQO/h6IouaVyJb6AP5TM/VU6izTK4z6bMd58OMad eONemlTrvwtfkd2BKGK1O2trcDCFLH3lLqVrgnf8welwEty54hALtg== =eQ9R -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- Bye, Thomas -- Thomas Biege, SuSE GmbH, Schanzaeckerstr. 10, 90443 Nuernberg E@mail: Function: Security Support & Auditing "lynx -source | pgp -fka" Key fingerprint = 51 AD B9 C7 34 FC F2 54 01 4A 1C D4 66 64 09 84

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