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GetPixmap ()
  • >> GetPixmap (3) ( Solaris man: Библиотечные вызовы )
  • GetPixmap (3) ( Разные man: Библиотечные вызовы )
         Tk_GetPixmap, Tk_FreePixmap - allocate and free pixmaps
         #include <tk.h>
         Tk_GetPixmap(display, d, width, height, depth)
         Tk_FreePixmap(display, pixmap)
         Display    *display    (in)      X display for the pixmap.
         Drawable   d           (in)      Pixmap or window where  the
                                          new pixmap will be used for
         int        width       (in)      Width of pixmap.
         int        height      (in)      Height of pixmap.
         int        depth       (in)      Number of bits per pixel in
         Pixmap     pixmap      (in)      Pixmap to destroy.
         These  procedures  are  identical  to  the  Xlib  procedures
         XCreatePixmap  and  XFreePixmap, except that they have extra
         code to manage X resource identifiers  so  that  identifiers
         for  deleted  pixmaps  can  be  reused in the future.  It is
         important for Tk applications to use these procedures rather
         than  XCreatePixmap and XFreePixmap;  otherwise long-running
         applications may run out of resource identifiers.
         Tk_GetPixmap creates a pixmap suitable  for  drawing  in  d,
         with  dimensions  given  by  width,  height,  and depth, and
         returns its identifier.  Tk_FreePixmap destroys  the  pixmap
         given  by pixmap and makes its resource identifier available
         for reuse.
         pixmap, resource identifier

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