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Euro Character Support Mini HOWTO

Ari MДkelД

Revision History
Revision v1.0.22002-04-06Revised by: am
Added the info that emacs support is read-only and removed the question about how the support works.
Revision v1.0.12002-03-03Revised by: am
Cent: added comment that cent is not usually used. More Euro links. Added information on KDE and Gnome.
Revision v1.0.02001-09-29Revised by: am
Original release

Table of Contents
1. Copyright and Thanks
2. The Euro Character
3. The Euro and Locales
4. The Euro and the Console
5. The Euro in the X Window System
5.1. KDE
5.2. GTK and Gnome
6. Emacs
7. Euro-links

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