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kcms_photocd (6)
  • >> kcms_photocd (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         kcms_photocd - corrects PhotoCD or tiff images through  KCMS
         color correction
         kcms_photocd [ -o ][ -n ]  in_profile  out_profile  in_image
         kcms_photocd requires the names of  the  input  (scanner  or
         PhotoCD)  profile, the output (monitor usually) profile, the
         input image file, and an output Tiff file  name.   It  takes
         the  in_image  file  and  color corrects the image using the
         combination of in_profile and out_profile. The in_image  may
         be  a PhotoCD mount point path name (the program will prompt
         for the image number) or a Tiff file.
         It is assumed that the input image has  been  scanned  using
         the  scanner  described by the input profile or it is a Pho-
         toCD disk inserted in a cdrom device.   The  output  profile
         should  describe  the  device  on  which  the image is to be
         displayed (or printed).  Supply the path name to  the  input
         image  Tiff  file  and a name for the color-corrected output
         image to be stored  in.   Use  imagetool(1)  or  some  other
         display program to view the Tiff image on screen, or convert
         and send the image to a color printer using  an  appropriate
         -o optimizes the combination of in_profile  and  out_profile
         before color correcting the image data.
         -n allows a Tiff file to be created (presumably from a  pho-
         totcd  image)  which  does  not  have  KCMS color correction
         applied.  One may wish to use this  option  to  create  com-
         parison output Tiff images, with and without correction.
         in_profile is  the  full  path  name  of  an  input  profile
         (required if -n not set)
         out_profile is the  full  path  name  of  an  input  profile
         (reqired if -n not set)
         in_image is the full path name of an input PhotoCD  or  Tiff
         image (required)
         out_tif is the file name in which to store the  output  Tiff
         image (required)
         Example 1:
              example% kcms_photocd kcmsEKhpsjtw04.inp kcmsEKsony1604.mon
                         wales.tif testimage.tif
         Use a HP ScanJet IIc  scanner  input  profile,  a  Sun  Sony
         19inch  display  output  profile, a sample Tiff input image,
         and provide a testimage file name  to  store  the  resulting
         image in.
         Example 2:
              example% kcms_photocd -o kcmsEKpcdcn04.inp kcmsEKsony1604.mon
                         /cdrom/cdrom0 testimage.tif
         Request optimization be performed on the profiles and  apply
         to a PhotoCD image (path name is a typical PhotoCD path name
         of the mount point, yours may be different).  The input pro-
         file  is  a  generic PhotoCD profile.  The program will scan
         the PhotoCD images and prompt for  an  image  number  to  be
         KCMS_PROFILES is a colon separated list of directories  con-
         taining  profiles. The KCMS library will search this list of
         directories if the environment variable exists.
         kcms_create(6),  kcms_update(6), kcmstest_tiff(6)
         kcms_photocd will display errors relating to  profile  exis-
         tance and access.

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