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print_attributes (6)
  • >> print_attributes (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         print_attributes - prints out all the  attributes/tags  that
         are present in a profile
         print_attributes [ -n profile_name ] [ -d profile_name  ]  [
         -h host_name ] [ -w ] [ -x ] [ -v ] [file_name]
         print_attributes prints out all attributes/tags  in  a  pro-
         The user can supply a partial profile  name  for  which  the
         library will search in known directories, supply a full path
         name for a profile, or request the previously-configured X11
         DefaultVisual profile be accessed.
         -n profile_name use  the  name  of  the  file  specified  in
         file_name  and  pass  it  to  the  KCMS library. This is the
         -d profile_name use open(2) to open the file_name  and  pass
         in the associated file descriptor to the KCMS library.
         -h host_name indicates the name of a remote machine to  find
         a profile on. Forces the use of the -n option.
         -x  print  the  tags  associated  with   the   current   X11
         DefaultVisual,  for  the  current  screen  number.   If  the
         DISPLAY environment variable points to a remote machine  the
         remote machine must have xhost(1) permissions correctly set,
         and have been configured for KCMS use.
         -w is a test option to open profiles for reading  and  writ-
         -v indcates verbose - for dumping all of  the  color  lookup
         tables  existing  in  the profile.  This can be a very large
         amount of data.
              % print_attributes -x
         print the attributes of the default X11 Visual.
              % print_attributes kcmsEKcorona04
         print the attributes of the profile kcmsEKcorona04 using the
         KCMS library to search for the profile.
              % print_attributes -h irnbru kcmsEKcorona04
         print the attributes of the profile  kcmsEKcorona04  on  the
         machine irnbru.
              % print_attributes -d kcmsEKcorona04.mon
         print the attributes of  the  profile  name  specified.  The
         exact  file  name is required as the file descriptor will be
         passed into the KCMS library.
         KCMS_PROFILES may be set a colon separated  list  of  direc-
         toriesy  containing  profiles.  The library will search this
         list of directories if the environment variable is set.
         xdpyinfo(1),  xhost(1),  profile_demo(6),  print_montbls(6),
         print_header(6), kcmstest_tiff(6)

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