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profile_demo (6)
  • >> profile_demo (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         profile_demo - display tiff files before and after kcs color
         profile_demo Profile_demo program allows you to display tiff
         images  before  and  after  being  corrected through the KCS
         color correction library code.  To run, type   %profile_demo
         .   A  window  will  come  up  with  <Select and image file>
         selected.  Click in the "Filter" box  and  adjust  the  path
         name  to be the location of your TIFF image files.  Click to
         select the image file to display and then click  on  <Load>,
         or double-click on the image file name.
         Upon displaying the tiff file, two other buttons are  avail-
         able  for  clicking.   The  message  asks that you "Select a
         scanner profile", while a list of generic  scanner  profiles
         is  presented  in  the  "Scanners".   Choose the name of the
         scanner which digitized the file you  displayed  and  either
         double-click  on the file name or click on <Load> after your
         scanner profile has been highlighted.   The  profile  for  a
         scanner  always  ends  in  .inp.   The images delivered with
         Solaris 2.5 were all scanned with the  kcmsEKhpsjtw  scanner
         (HP  ScanJet).  Another message will be displayed asking you
         to "Select a monitor profile or DEFAULT." and all  the  gen-
         eric  monitor  profiles  will  be listed as well as a button
         saying <Default Monitor>.  If your monitor  has  been  cali-
         brated,  choose <Default Monitor>, otherwise choose the pro-
         file name representing  your  monitor.   For  example,  many
         Sparc  users may have Sony 16" or 19" monitors.  The generic
         profile for both of these is kcmsEKsony16.mon.  By  clicking
         on  <Default_Monitor>,  the  program  will choose the proper
         visual profile which you have presumably calibrated for your
         After both profiles have been chosen, the program will  con-
         nect  the  profiles,  run  the  image data through the color
         correction tables, and display the  color  corrected  image.
         The two profile buttons are replaced by the <Select an image
         file> selection and the list of images again appears.
         The original image files are not changed.  If  you  want  to
         see  the  same  image through multiple correction scenarios,
         you will have to first re-chose  the  original  image,  then
         each  profile  again.   Up the eight images may be currently
         displayed during one run of this program.  That is 4 sets of
         before  and  after  images.   When you quit the profile_demo
         program, the images will disappear.
         The following example:
              example% profile_demo
         initiates the frame allowing the user to  choose  an  image,
         followed  by  the profile for the device used to scan in the
         image and the profile for the device (monitor) on which  the
         image is to be displayed.
         KCS_PROFILES may be set to the path name of a directory con-
         taining  personal  profiles.   The  library will search this
         directory if the environment variable exists.
         print_attributes(6),   print_montbls(6),  kcms_configure(1),
         kcms_create(6), kcms_update(6)
         profile_demo will display errors  relating  to  profile  and
         image existence and access.

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