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ttsample1 (6)
  • >> ttsample1 (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         ttsample1, broadcast - demonstrate simple use of ToolTalk
         The broadcast utility is provided as demo code for the Tool-
         Talk product.  This program is compiled by copying the files
         in the directory /usr/dt/share/examples/tt to  a  convenient
         spot  and invoking the make(1) utility.  This will pop up an
         application with  a  single  button,  slider,  and  a  scale
         reflecting  the  value  last  received.  By starting several
         instances of the application, setting the slider in each  to
         a  different value, and pushing the button in each instance,
         the effect of broadcasting  the  value  can  be  seen.   The
         ttsnoop(1)  and  tttrace(1) utilities can be used to monitor
         the contents of the ToolTalk messages sent by broadcast.
         ttsnoop(1) tttrace(1) ttsession(1)
         If you try and invoke broadcast (or any ToolTalk applica-
         tion) and you get a message saying the application could not
         start ToolTalk, or ttsession, make sure that you have one of
         the environment variables DISPLAY or TT_SESSION set, and
         that ttsession is in your PATH, or that the TTSESSION_CMD
         environment variable indicates where the ttsession program
         resides. For more information on ttsession and the environ-
         ment variables it uses, see the ttsession man page.

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