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xsol (6)
  • >> xsol (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
         xsol - play solitaire
         xsol [ -display connection ] [ -nodrag ] [ [-,+]r ]
         xsol plays a solitaire game simliar to Klondike. The playing
         field  is  made up of seven slots, where stacks are built in
         descending value with alternating suits.  Aces are built  on
         at the top, and ascending order in the same suit.  Kings can
         be moved to any empty space in the playing field.  The  deck
         is gone through only once, card by card.
         The cards are moved using the Left mouse  button  (Button1).
         Pressing  the button selects the card, and it (and any cards
         on it) can then by dragged to its destination, where releas-
         ing will place them. The deck cards are selected by clicking
         on them.
         -display connection
              Connect to X server display, connection.
              A button press selects the card,  and  a  second  press
              places it.
              Turns reverse video on or off to make cards more  read-
              able on monochrome or gray scale devices.
         Copyright (c) 1988 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
         David Lemke (
         Permission  to  use,  copy,  modify,  and  distribute   this
         software  and  its documentation for any purpose and without
         fee is hereby granted, provided  that  the  above  copyright
         notice  appear  in  all  copies and that both that copyright
         notice and this permission notice appear in supporting docu-

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