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E.2. Cisco 2511

The basic configuration for a Cisco 2511 access server is shown in Figure E-1. A similar configuration will work for other Cisco access servers. Cisco has excellent documentation at its web site; start by finding the correct Configuration guide.

A current maintenance contract with Cisco or a reseller is required to download software updates. This contract also includes the provision of ROMs required for flash memory upgrades. In most jurisdictions Cisco software licenses are not transferrable, so if you purcashed the access server on the second-hand market you will need to purchase a software license from Cisco or a reseller.

Figure E-1. Basic configuration for Cisco 2511 terminal server to Linux PC

interface Async1
 description To Linux computer
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 async mode interactive
 no peer default ip address

line 1
 location To Linux PC
 session-timeout 30
 no exec
 modem InOut
 terminal-type vt100
 special-character-bits 8
 transport preferred none
 transport input telnet
 telnet break-on-ip
 telnet ip-on-break
 stopbits 1
 flowcontrol hardware

line vty 0 4
 location Network
 password PASSWORD
 login local
 terminal-type vt100
 transport preferred none
 transport output telnet

There is a port of Linux to the Cisco 2500 series of routers. At the time of writing it did did not support the asycnhronous ports on the Cisco 2511. The attractiveness of running Linux instead of running Cisco's IOS is that Linux can support SSH. At the time of writing Cisco were yet to release SSH on the Cisco 2500 series of routers, although a unofficial beta version has been seen.

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