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2. Common Problems

Q: I get the message ioctl(SIOCGIFBR) failed: Package not installed . What does this mean?
Q: Machines on one side cannot ping the other side!
Q: I cannot telnet/ftp from the bridge! Why?
Q: What do I need to set up in the way of routing?
Q: The bridge appears to work, but why doesn't traceroute show the bridge as a part of the path?
Q: Is it necessary to compile IP_FORWARD into the kernel?
Q: Why are the physical ethernet addresses for port 1 and port 2 the same according to the brcfg program? Shouldn't they be different?
Q: Bridging does not appear to be an option when performing a make config on the kernel. How does one enable it?
Q: Too many hubs (4 or more) are chained one after another in series, cause timing problems on an ethernet. What effect does a bridge have in a subnet that is layered with hubs?
Q: Can a bridge interface to both 10Mb and 100Mb ethernet segments? Will such a configuration slow down the rest of the traffic on the high speed side?

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