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SOFTWARE: Squid proxy caching server (monthly posting)

Information about the Squid caching proxy package
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Squid Proxy Cache Information (Monthly Posting)

* What is Squid?

Squid is a high-performance caching proxy server for web clients.  It
supports FTP, gopher, and HTTP protocols.

Squid servers can operate in a hierarchical fashion.  A server can
have any number of parents or siblings.  Caches in a hierarchy use
the ICP (Internet Cache Protocol) to query each other for discovery
of cached objects.

Squid is available in source form under the GNU Public License.
It can be built on most modern Unix operating systems that have an
ANSI C compiler.

* Why is Squid a good thing?

Caching proxy servers improve performance for end users' web
browsers, and reduce bandwidth utilization.

* Where can I get Squid?

The current version of Squid is available at:


Mirror sites can be discovered by looking at:


* Where can I learn more about Squid?

Release notes and FAQ documents are available at:


* Where can I learn more about caching proxy servers and hierarchies?

Information on the NLANR caching hierarchy project, and related
links, can be found at:


Additional information on proxy caching in general can be found at:


* What mailing lists exist for Squid? general discussions about the Squid cache
  software.  Subscribe via

squid-users-digest: digested (daily) version of above.  Subscribe
  via A receive-only list for announcements of
  new versions.  Subscribe via : A closed list for sending us bug reports.
  Bug reports received here are given priority over those mentioned
  on squid-users. A closed list for sending us feed-back and ideas. 

* Who wrote/funded/maintains Squid?

Duane Wessels of the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
(NLANR) leads code development, under a grant from the National
Science Foundation (NSF).  Squid is derived from the ARPA-funded
Harvest project.

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