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7. Questions and Answers

This is just a collection of what I believe are the most common questions people might have. Give me more feedback and I will turn this section into a proper FAQ.

  1. Why are the iptables rules not flushing out when a client closes the telnet window? It works if the client logsout of the telnet session. In case of ssh the rules get flushed even if the ssh window is closed.

    I have not come up with a good answer or solution to this problem. Logu has contributed some modifications to pam_iptables and a set of other tools to solve this problem. These tools can be found in the contrib directory with pam_iptables.

  2. What does NoCat not work in IE6? It seems to authenticate but doesn't write the firewal rule.

    Make sure your nocat html contains the following: < meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="$redirect" />

    The html files that should contain this metatag are login_ok.html,renew.html, and renew_pasv.html.

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