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1. Introduction

(The latest version of this document is at You may want to check there for changes).

This document provides you comprehensive list of URLs for CPU Design and fabrication. Using this information students, companies, universities or businesses can make new CPUs which can run Linux/Unix operating systems.

In olden days, chip vendors were also the IP developers and the EDA tools developers. Nowadays, we have specialized fab companies (TSMC, IP companies (ARM, MIPS, Gray Research LLC ), and tools companies ( Mentor, Cadence, etc.), and combinations of these (Intel). You can buy IP bundled with hardware (Intel), bundled with your tools (EDA companies), or separately (IP providers).

Enter the FPGA vendors (Xilinx, Altera They have an opportunity to seize upon a unique business model.

VA Linux systems builds the entire system and perhaps in future will design and build CPUs for Linux.

Visit the following CPU design sites:

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