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6. Further Information

This section has some pointers to related resources on the Internet.

If you would like to suggest additional resources for this section, please email me at . Thanks.

6.1. News groups

Some of the news groups of interest are:

  1. comp.text.sgml (easily accessible from Google! Groups)

  2. comp.text.xml (easily accessible from Google! Groups)

  3. htmldoc.general (server -

6.2. Mailing Lists

Here are some relevant mailing lists.

  1. DocBook mailing list @ OASIS. Visit for more info.

  2. DocBook mailing list @ TLDP. Visit for more info.

  3. xml-doc @ Yahoo Groups. Visit for more info.

6.3. IRC

  1. DocBook IRC Channel. #docbook on irc://

6.4. Web Sites

  1. OASIS maintains various DocBook DTDs

  2. XML / XHTML WebLog

  3. The DocBook Wiki

  4. Online version of DocBook: The Definitive Guide

  5. Writing Documentation Using DocBook: A Crash Course

  6. A gentle guide to DocBook (very good introduction).

  7. The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) Author Guide

  8. DocBook resources provided by TLDP

  9. Eric Raymond's DocBook Demystification HOWTO

  10. + Cocoon + DocBook Setup Sample Site

6.5. Commercial Tools

  1. eXchaNGeR - The XML Browser (and XML Editor)

  2. XERLIN - XML Modeling Application

  3. DocPro by Command Prompt, INC.

  4. YAWC Pro by XML Workshop LTD. Can be used for converting MS Word to Simple DocBook XML.

  5. Logictran RTF Converter. Word/RTF to HTML/XML.

  6. MajiX - Word to XML converter.

  7. XMETAL by SoftQuad

  8. Tagless Editor by i4ii (DocBook DTD not supported)

  9. XML Editor by XMLmind

  10. upCast and downCast by Inifinity Loop

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