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4. High Performance FileSystem (HPFS)

Good HPFS links:

4.1 Accessing HPFS from DOS (iHPFS)

iHPFS makes possible for OS/2 users to use their HPFS partitions when they boot plain DOS. The HPFS partition is assigned a drive letter, and can be accessed like any DOS drive.iHPFS is restricted to read-only access.

This program is no longer being developed, because author doesn't use OS/2. If you are willing to maintain the program, let him know.

4.2 Accessing HPFS from DOS (hpfsdos)

4.3 Accessing HPFS from DOS (hpfsa)

4.4 Accessing HPFS from DOS (amos)

4.5 Accessing HPFS from Linux

This driver is part of Linux kernel (2.1.x+). It can read and write to HPFS partions. Access rights and owner can be stored in extended attributes. Few bugs in original read-only HPFS are corrected. It supports HPFS386 on Warp Server Advanced.

If you have kernel with HPFS support, say "Y"es to 'OS/2 HPFS filesystem support' in Filesystems submenu. Then recompile kernel using 'make dep bzImage', reboot and try to mount your HPFS partition (e.g. mount /dev/hda2 /mnt -t hpfs).

4.6 Accessing HPFS from FreeBSD

Driver allows to mount HPFS volume into Unix namespace. ReadOnly access is only supported for now.

4.7 Accessing HPFS from Windows NT 3.5

This program will edit the Windows NT registry and enable HPFS support. Pinball.sys is the HPFS filesystem driver for Windows NT. It can be found on NT 3.5x's CD-ROM. Microsoft no longer supports HPFS. Installing this program will void your warranty and possibly the license agreement.

4.8 Accessing HPFS from Windows NT 4

HPFS driver for Windows NT 4.0

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