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8. ISO 9660 - CD-ROM filesystem

Useful ISO-9660 links:

8.1 RockRidge extensions

Extensions allowing long filenames and Unix-style symbolic links.

Useful RockRidge links:

8.2 Joliet extensions

Joliet is a Microsoft extension to the ISO 9660 filesystem that allows Unicode characters to be used in filenames. This is a benefit when handling internationalization. Like the Rock Ridge extensions, Joliet also allows long filenames.

8.3 Hybrid CD-ROMs

Hybrid CDs contains three filesystems on one disc - ISO9660/RR, Joliet and HFS. Such CD-ROMs are accessible under DOS, Unix, Macintosh and Windows 9x/NT. All three filesystems use the same data, only metadata are the disc three times.

8.4 Novell NetWare indexes on ISO9660


8.5 Accessing Joliet from Linux

8.6 Accessing Joliet from BeOS

It is updated ISO9660 driver to be able to use a Joliet ISO9660 extensions.

8.7 Accessing Joliet from OS/2 archive contains CDFS.IFS driver for OS/2 with Joliet level 3 support.

8.8 Accessing Audio CD as filesystem from Linux

This kernel module allows you to access an audio CD as a regular filesystem.

8.9 Accessing Audio CD as filesystem from BeOS

This filesystem add-on will allow you (if your CD drive supports it) to treat a regular audio CD as if it were a bunch of WAV files. You can copy the files, encode them to mp3, play them slower, faster, even backwards.

8.10 Accessing all tracks from Linux (CDfs)

CDfs is a file system for Linux systems that `exports' all tracks and boot images on a CD as normal files. These files can then be mounted (e.g. for ISO and boot images), copied, played (audio tracks), etc. The primary goal for developing this file system was to `unlock' information in old ISO sessions. The file system also allows you to access data on faulty multi session disks, e.g. disks with multiple single sessions instead of a multi session.

8.11 Creating Hybrid CD-ROMs (mkhybrid)

Make an ISO9660/HFS/JOLIET shared hybrid CD volume

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