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Chapter 9. Future versions

This chapter gives indications on elements which should be taken in account in future versions of this document. It should be taken more as a reminder for the author, than as an engagement of what he will really do !

Version 0.95

Images path.

Better management of the size of tables (PS).

Place of the footer (PS).

One line paragraph management.

Management of the size of papers, margins and images (PS).

Paragraph on TX/e-vectra management

Rework the printer paragraph

Info script to pass on machines and create a new entry

Integrate LinuxCare certif

Version 0.96

URLs verification in function of the language. Use of official addresses and paragraph on mirrors.

Rework the cluster part

Paragraph on APM for mobiles computer

Linux as a backup server (Arkeia)

Remote Assistant - Remote Control. Management

Put the Argumementations in the TOC (HTML).

Avoid titles in end of page (PS).

Paragraph on network products

Version 0.97

Detail limitations of evolution from Unix to Linux

Rework the example of the vaccine :-)

Rework chapter 1 (put there history and new versions)


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