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Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO

Robert S. Dubinski


This is a HOWTO document describing how to enable the GNU/Linux OS on the Sun JavaStation NC.

Table of Contents
1. META Information
1.1. The Purpose of this Document
1.2. Acknowledgments
1.3. History
1.4. Document Copyright and Licenses
1.5. Location of the Latest Version and Source
1.6. Reporting Bugs Found In or Additions to the HOWTO
1.7. TODO List for this HOWTO
2. What is a JavaStation?
2.1. What is a JavaStation NC?
2.2. Definition of an NC including the Differentiation from PC's
2.3. Description of the JavaStation Model Line including Hardware Specs
2.4. Reasons for Running Linux and NC Myths Dispelled
2.5. Why JavaStations are No Longer Produced
2.6. Where to Purchase a JavaStation
3. Background Requirements for Linux on a JavaStation
3.1. Complete Hardware Requirements
3.2. Network Service Requirements
3.3. Understand the JavaStation Boot Sequence
3.4. Additional Software Requirements: Replacement Firmware (PROLL)
3.5. Decide on your Filesystem-type: NFS-Root, or Embedded?
3.6. Support Sites to Check Out: Zaitcev's Linux Site
4. Build Your Kernel
4.1. Before you begin
4.2. Make sure you use 32-bit mode
4.3. Supported Linux Kernel Versions
4.4. Required Kernel Configuration Options
4.5. Necessary Patch for "Embedded-Root" FS Configurations
4.6. Build the JavaStation-Ready Kernel
4.7. Convert Kernel from ELF to a.out format
4.8. JavaStation-Ready Kernel Images, and .config File Samples
5. Build A JavaStation-Ready FileSystem
5.1. Preparing Yourself to Build Your Own Filesystem
5.2. Contents of the "/etc/fstab" File
5.3. The "Embedded-Root" Image Creation Procedure
5.4. Sample FileSystems
5.5. Sample X Servers
5.6. Outside Sample Filesystems
6. "Out of the Box" JavaStation Boot File Solutions
6.1. Simple Solution #1
7. Set up Your Server
7.1. Preface
7.2. Setting up the RARP service
7.3. Setting up the DHCP service
7.4. Set up NFS service ("NFS-Root Options" Only)
7.5. Setting up for Boot with TFTP
8. Booting Your JavaStation
8.1. What to See When Booting Linux
9. Questions and Troubleshooting
9.1. When booting, the message "The file just loaded does not appear to be executable." Why?
9.2. When booting, the message "no a.out magic" appears and halts the boot. Why?
9.3. I tried booting a Krups but JavaOS comes up. I don't even have JavaOS!
9.4. Cannot Boot an "Embedded-Root" image > 10 MB on my JavaStation. Why?
9.5. After Booting, Typing Anything Yields Garbage Characters. Why?
9.6. In X Sessions to a Solaris server, the font server "xfs" crashes. Why?
9.7. Performing Indirect XDMCP to a Solaris Server Results in Session Login Failures. Why?
9.8. TFTPd config doesn't work on SUSE 6.3. Why?
9.9. Regarding RARP: Is it Needed or Not?
9.10. Can One Use the Smart Card Reader on the Espresso models?
9.11. Can One Use the Solaris DHCP server instead of ISC?
9.12. Can One Pass Arguments to "/sbin/init" in a Diskless Boot like This?
9.13. Enabling X on the JavaStation
9.14. Is There Mailing List Help?
9.15. Can One Boot a JavaStation from Onboard Flash Memory?
9.16. Does "Piggyback" work for the x86 too?
9.17. I put new memory in, but now it doesn't boot. Why?
9.18. Now that JavaStations work with Linux, what about other Free OSs?
9.19. Do the Linux 2.4 kernels work? What's the latest that works?
9.20. Can I compile the kernel on a non-SPARC machine?
9.21. Can I get an ok> prompt like other Sun equipment?
9.22. My keyboard isn't recognized. What can I do?
9.23. Proll reports "TFTP: ARP Timeout". Why?
9.24. Why Can't I Get TrueColor on Krups?
9.25. I followed this HOWTO, but my Dover doesn't work. Why?
9.26. Can framebuffer be loaded following a serial console initialization?
9.27. I really need a complete out-of-the-box solution, pronto!
9.28. You Didn't Answer My Question.
10. Reference Docs
10.1. Mr. Coffee Jumper Info
10.2. Krups Jumper Info
10.3. JavaStation Press Release
10.4. JavaOS 1.0 Download
10.5. Espresso IDE circuit
10.6. JavaStation Boot Monitoring Key Combinations
10.7. JavaStation Photo Gallery
A. GNU Free Documentation License
0. Preamble
1. Applicability and Definitions
2. Verbatim Copying
3. Copying in Quantity
4. Modifications
5. Combining Documents
6. Collections of Documents
7. Aggregation with Independent Works
8. Translation
9. Termination
10. Future Revisions of this License
How to use this License for your documents

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