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DosLinux: Small linux distribution installed on an existing Dos system i.e. msdos, pcdos, opendos, and win95/98., .

e2fsck: ext2 filesystem checker Included in tomsrtbt, .

fdisk: Partition table editor Included in most linux distributions (e.g. tomsrtbt, Slackware), .

fips: Partition Splitter, .

format: Windows Partition Fromatter Included in Windows 95/98/NT, Microsoft.

Ghost: Windows Partition Backup, Norton.

Hardware Compatibility HOWTO: compilation of linux support experience what works, what doesn't, If the product manufacturer does not support linux, it may be several months before user experience is reported, .

lilo: Simple text configuratble boot manager, .

mke2fs: ext2 filesystem creator Included in tomsrtbt, .

mkswap: swap filesystem creator Include in tomsrtbt, .

System Performance Tuning: , O'Reiley & Associates, Inc., 0-937175-60-9.

tob: Unix Tape-Oriented Backup, .

tomsrtbt: Tom's Root Boot Small Linux distribution that fits on a single floppy disk t's useful as a root/boot/recovery disk, Toms Ochser.

vmware: x86 emulation, VMware, Inc..

yast: Yet another Setup Tool Suse System Configuration Tool, SuSE GmbH.

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