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Linux on Steroids

Russel Ingram

Revision History
Revision v1.12002-05-12Revised by: ri
Updated sgi cvs info to match current state; made various changes/clarifications based on reader feedback
Revision v1.022001-10-08Revised by: ri
Added some note, blockquote and ulink tags. Corrected error in command section of "Finishing Up". Changed note about e2fsprogs-devel to refer to libuuid.
Revision v1.012001-10-04Revised by: ri
Corrected error in "Finishing up" section; various formatting changes

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction to XFS for Linux
1.2. Foreword, Feedback, & Credits
1.3. Copyright & Disclaimer
2. Preparation for XFS Installation
2.1. Downloading the Linux 2.4.x-XFS Kernel Source
2.2. XFS Support as Modules or Compiled Into the Kernel?
3. Kernel Configuration and Installation
3.1. Configuring your kernel for XFS support
3.2. Building the kernel and modules
3.3. Installing the new kernel and modules
3.4. Add a new entry to your lilo configuration and re-install lilo
3.5. Build and install the XFS utilities
3.6. Boot the new kernel
4. Filesystem Migration
4.1. Migrating the / filesystem
4.2. Finishing up

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