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4. Remote connection with VNC

Once you have connection through PPP to remote machines, you can use the VNC to display remote machines on your local display.

Compiling qvwm on Solaris : On Solaris you should install the following packages which you can get from - xpm, imlib, jpeg, libungif, giflib, libpng, tiff. And you can download the binary package for solaris from

Or you can download the qvwm source for solaris from and compile it using gcc.

Troubleshooting compile: You should put unsigned long before arg in usleep() usleep((unsigned long) 10000)

4.1 Microsoft "MS Outlook" Email from PPP

Method 1 :

  1. At office, start VNC server on your Windows NT/2000 desktop.
  2. Connect from home using modem via PPP.
  3. Once the PPP is established, you can start the vncviewer program. Just type /usr/bin/vncviewer.
  4. Enter your office Windows NT/2000 desktop's hostname and vnc password
  5. The entire desktop of your remote office Windows NT/2000 is displayed. Now you can read your MS Outlook email.

Method 2 :

Method 3 : Web based

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