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7. Publications

If there is a publication that is not on this list, that you think should be, please send the information to me at:

7.1. Books

For a very LARGE online biography, check the Institut Fur Phonetik:

7.2. Internet


Newsgroup dedicated to computer and speech.


Newsgroup dedicated to users of speech software.


Newsgroup dedicated to speech software and hardware research.


Newsgroup dedicated to digital signal processing.


Newsgroup dedicated to the physics of sound.

DDLinux Email List

Speech Recognition on Linux Mailing List.

Linux Software Repository for speech applications

Russ Wilcox's List of Speech Recognition Links


Online Bibliography

Online Bibliography of Phonetics and Speech Technology Publications.

MIT's Spoken Language Systems Homepage

Oregon Graduate Institute

Center for Spoken Language Understanding at Oregon Graduate Institute. An excellent location for developers and researchers.

IBM's ViaVoice Linux SDK

Mississippi State

Mississippi State Institute for Signal and Information Processing homepage with a large amount of useful information for developers.

Speech Technology

ASR software and accessories.

Speech Control

Speech Controlled Computer Systems. Microphones, headsets, and wireless products for ASR.

Microphones and accessories for ASR.

21st Century Eloquence

"Speech Recognition Specialists."

Computing Out Loud

Primarily for Windows users, but good info.

Say I

"The Speech Recognition Information Source."

Inferno Solutions
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