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Debian Jigdo mini-HOWTO

Peter Jay Salzman

v0.116, 2002-12-15


Getting Debian ISOs has always been a painful, slow and supremely inefficient process. Jigdo is a new tool for obtaining Debian ISOs in an easy, fast and very efficient manner. This HOWTO describes why you should use jigdo, a little bit about how it works and how you use it to get and update Debian ISOs.

Jigdo is a very general tool, and isn't tied specifically to Debian ISOs. The jigdo tools can be used to make any ISO available for download in the same easy, fast and efficient manner they're used for Debian ISOs. This HOWTO will cover this as well, but we'll focus primarily on downloading Debian ISOs.

Table of Contents
1. Administrata
1.1. Authorship and Copyright
1.2. Acknowledgements
1.3. Comments and Corrections
1.4. Latest Version And Translations
2. Why jigdo?
2.1. How Does One Get A Debian ISO Image Set?
2.2. Why Not Download The Whole ISO Image?
2.3. Why Not Use The Pseudo Image Kit (PIK)?
2.4. What Is Jigdo?
3. How Jigdo Works (optional)
3.1. Preparing The ISO For Download
3.2. The .template File
3.3. The .jigdo File
3.4. Downloading The Image
4. Downloading Your First Image (In 5 Easy Steps)
4.1. Install Jigdo
4.2. Download The .template And .jigdo Files
4.3. Run jigdo-lite
4.4. Specify A Mirror
4.5. Downloading Of The ISO
5. Updating Your Image
6. Frequently Asked Questions
6.1. [11 Aug 2002]: Can I have two jigdo-lite sessions at the same time in the same directory?
6.2. [11 Aug 2002]: Why aren't the translations of this HOWTO on LDP?
6.3. jigdo takes a bit long to download the files because wget keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting to the FTP server for each file. Is there a way to make it faster?
6.4. How can I make jigdo use a proxy?
6.5. What do I do if my jigdo download gets interrupted?
6.6. My jigdo download won't complete because the .jigdo file is broken. When I download a new, fixed .jigdo file, do I need to download all the data over again?
6.7. Can I use jigdo to download images for DVD?
6.8. Can I burn the .iso.tmp file to CD?
6.9. Why doesn't jigdo work? It downloads some packages and deletes them. I know it doesn't write them to the iso.tmp file because the file size doesn't change!
6.10. I'm having trouble getting jigdo-easy to work.
6.11. I'm having trouble getting jigdo to download Sarge or Sid.
6.12. Jigdo-lite is too verbose. How can I supress some or all of its messages?
6.13. Can I use jigdo on platforms other than Linux?
7. Errata
7.1. jigdo-easy
7.2. GUI Interface
7.3. jigdo-file-cache.db
7.4. Resources

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