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4. How to install Protus password utility

Notice: Well, I have been using Protus connection filters for a long time now. At first, it was the version 3.1/1.2 for DosFBB515c and, later, version 3.3 for Dos/WinFBB700. I have found Protus as very useful utility because of its implementation of automated BBS-to-BBS forwarding protection, using MD2 algorithm. One of the reasons to cover Protus in this document is the fact that its author haven't made a manual in English yet. I keep trying to translate original manuals from Spanish into English, but it is a hard work. Any good 'spanish-to-english' translator is welcomed to contact me: m.skoric@eunet.yu.

Protus offers several interesting features:

Well, let's see what should be done in order to implement secure access to the FBB packet radio BBS, using Protus type of, so called, c_filter:

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