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6. How to install an upgrade to daemon version of LinFBB

6.1 LinFBB v7.02g

Notice: Well, the main trouble I have discovered with 7.01f daemon was the absence of Protus c_filter protection. As I told you before, Protus is a "third-party" product, so it might have some problems with the compatibility to LinFBB itself. Anyway, it is also possible that a daemon version of LinFBB has some special requirements over some "third-party" software.

6.2 LinFBB v7.03

Notice: As I have said in the previous section, I haven't found an easy way to upgrade FBB's (its main executables), without temporary uninstalling an older version, then to install the new version - in order to get new executables. After that is done, a reverse procedure must be put in place.

6.3 LinFBB v7.04

Notice: Maybe I have already explained that I use Red Hat 6.2 at home. That's why I usually look for .rpm packages that have been made for that particular Linux distribution, but not only that. I have also tried to use Red Hat 7.1 but it seemed not to support an older Xwindows application, LinFBB 7.00g (04 August 1998). When I noticed that issue, I returned back to Red Hat 6.2.

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