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3. Data CDs


This section is a work in progress, you're looking at initial, very sparse version.

With increasing popularity of CD/MP3 players burning data CDs for listening purposes become practical. The advantage is definitely being able to squeeze ten times more music onto one CD (a very approximate figure). As far as MP3 data CD-s, they're just a regular, standard data CD's (ISO9660) with MP3 music as regular files. All MP3-CD players I know accept CD-s with directories in them, and I usually burn CD with Joliet extension and they work just fine. So to burn such a CD under linux, you first need to create an ISO image an then burn it on the CD as in the example below:

mkisofs -J -o /tmp/mymp3s.iso /home/greg/mp3s/
cdrecord dev=1,0,0 speed=16 /tmp/mymp3s.iso

That's it!

I have yet to research ability to normalize mp3 files directly - however I believe it always involves decompressing, normalization and then re-compressing the file, which introduces quality loss. Stay tuned!

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