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1. Introduction.

This mini-HOWTO should give you some Insanely Great ideas for how to make your Macintosh work with Linux. Unfortunately, I have been very busy, and so I haven't been able to include even half of what I wanted to include, like using MacTCP and Open Transport to connect to your Linux box via a PPP line. That will need to wait for future versions.

This mini-HOWTO doesn't cover networking with LocalTalk and AppleTalk, either. I might explore these avenues if there's enough interest in, say, printing to a LaserWriter printer from Linux. Otherwise, it seems to me that such applications, being more trouble than they're worth (not to mention pricey), are beyond the scope of this document.

I don't plan to cover MkLinux in this document, either. It's more than adequately documented elsewhere.

So if you have ideas for this document, drop me a line at the e-mail above. Both systems embody a lot of the beginner's mindset as well as technical prowess, and in my opinion they don't talk to each other nearly enough.

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