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Pine-Exchange mini-HOWTO

Alexandru Roman <>

v1.0, 2002-03-28

Revision History
Revision 1.02002-03-28Revised by: ar
Submitted to the LDP for publication.
Revision 0.32002-03-25Revised by: ar
Added the site-wide Pine Configuration information
Revision 0.22002-03-22Revised by: ar
Added Exchange v5.5 requirement, Pine v4.0 requirement, and Acknowledgements Section.
Revision 0.12002-03-21Revised by: ar
Submitted to the LPD community/listserv for review.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Communication
4. Exchange Server Configuration
5. Pine Configuration
6. Example Configuration
6.1. Gather your information
6.2. Setting up a local ~/.pinerc configuration file
6.3. Setting up a site-wide Pine configuration
6.4. Logging into the Exchange/IMAP server
6.5. Accessing your Folders with IMAP
6.6. Accessing your Global Address List with LDAP
6.7. Sending an email with SMTP
7. Resources
8. Acknowledgements
9. Disclaimer
10. Copyright

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