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5. Using make-kpkg to build the new kernel and pcmcia-source modules

Steps to build the kernel

The kernel_image option will build the kernel while the modules_image option will build all modules located under
. So be sure that you do indeed want to rebuild any other modules that are located in source when you are ready to build your new kernel.

After some chugging, go up one level to
and you should see two new Debian packages that should look something like this:


You first want to install the kernel image so you would type
dpkg -i kernel-image-etc....

Now install the modules by typing
dpkg -i pcmcia-modules.etc...


There are a couple of assumptions that make-kpkg makes about your lilo.conf file. One is that you have not radically changed it. Make-kpgk will make make symbolics links from '/boot' where the actual kernel resides to 'vmlinuz' which is under '/'. In other words, under '/', you will see vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old which are symbolic links to the real kernel images under /boot/. Anyway if you have any questions ask me.

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