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Copyright Information and Legal Disclaimers

Замечание переводчика: Поскольку приводимая ниже информация об авторских правах является юридическим документом, а я не силен в юриспруденции, привожу ее без перевода, дабы не напутать что-либо юридическое по незнанию. Данный документ переведен на русский язык Алексеем Паутовым в 2000 году. Новые версии (если таковые будут) ищите на страничке Russian LDP

Copyright © 1997-1999 by Steve Frampton. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v0.4 or later (the latest version is presently available at

I've written this documentation and am providing it free to the Linux community as a public-service. I have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained herein is timely, accurate, and helpful, but in no way will I be held liable for any damage(s) caused directly or indirectly by any misinformation contained herein.

I will not appreciate being flamed for any errors or omissions. However, if you notice a glaring inaccuracy, or have suggestions for further improvement, please, let me know. However, please check the version number and date of this document (see the table of contents) to ensure you are looking at the most recent version. If this document is more than three months old, please check the Linux Documentation Project home page at in case a newer version is available.

This document, currently, should be considered moderate-beta. I began writing it in 1997, and continue to update it as time permits. Development in the Open Source community continues at a rapid pace, and at times it is a challenge to keep this document up to date. As such, this document may have one or more sections which contain obsolete information.

In short, I make no guarantees for any of this information to be correct. If it helps you out, that's great!

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