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Выборочные ссылки и материалы по SQL и PostgreSQL.

Некоторые материалы и технические отчеты от первоначальной команды разработчиков POSTGRES доступны на the University of California, Berkeley, Computer Science Department web site

SQL Reference Books

Judith Bowman, Sandra Emerson, and Marcy Darnovsky, The Practical SQL Handbook: Using Structured Query Language, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-44787-8, 1996.

C. J. Date and Hugh Darwen, A Guide to the SQL Standard: A user's guide to the standard database language SQL, Fourth Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-96426-0, 1997.

C. J. Date, An Introduction to Database Systems, Volume 1, Sixth Edition, Addison-Wesley, 1994.

Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, 3rd Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-805-31755-4, August 1999.

Jim Melton and Alan R. Simon, Understanding the New SQL: A complete guide, Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1-55860-245-3, 1993.

Jeffrey D. Ullman, Principles of Database and Knowledge: Base Systems, Volume 1, Computer Science Press, 1988.

PostgreSQL-Specific Documentation

Stefan Simkovics, Enhancement of the ANSI SQL Implementation of PostgreSQL, Department of Information Systems, Vienna University of Technology, November 29, 1998.

Обсуждение истории SQL и синтаксиса, а также описания дополнительных INTERSECT и EXCEPT конструкций в PostgreSQL. Prepared as a Master's Thesis with the support of O. Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Gottlob and Univ. Ass. Mag. Katrin Seyr at Vienna University of Technology.

A. Yu and J. Chen, The POSTGRES Group, The Postgres95 User Manual, University of California, Sept. 5, 1995.

Zelaine Fong, The design and implementation of the POSTGRES query optimizer, University of California, Berkeley, Computer Science Department.

Proceedings and Articles

Nels Olson, Partial indexing in POSTGRES: research project, University of California, UCB Engin T7.49.1993 O676, 1993.

L. Ong and J. Goh, "A Unified Framework for Version Modeling Using Production Rules in a Database System", ERL Technical Memorandum M90/33, University of California, April, 1990.

L. Rowe and M. Stonebraker, "The POSTGRES data model", Proc. VLDB Conference, Sept. 1987.

P. Seshadri and A. Swami, "Generalized Partial Indexes ", Proc. Eleventh International Conference on Data Engineering, 6-10 March 1995, IEEE Computer Society Press, Cat. No.95CH35724, 1995, p. 420-7.

M. Stonebraker and L. Rowe, "The design of POSTGRES", Proc. ACM-SIGMOD Conference on Management of Data, May 1986.

M. Stonebraker, E. Hanson, and C. H. Hong, "The design of the POSTGRES rules system", Proc. IEEE Conference on Data Engineering, Feb. 1987.

M. Stonebraker, "The design of the POSTGRES storage system", Proc. VLDB Conference, Sept. 1987.

M. Stonebraker, M. Hearst, and S. Potamianos, "A commentary on the POSTGRES rules system", SIGMOD Record 18(3), Sept. 1989.

M. Stonebraker, "The case for partial indexes", SIGMOD Record 18(4), Dec. 1989, p. 4-11.

M. Stonebraker, L. A. Rowe, and M. Hirohama, "The implementation of POSTGRES", Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2(1), IEEE, March 1990.

M. Stonebraker, A. Jhingran, J. Goh, and S. Potamianos, "On Rules, Procedures, Caching and Views in Database Systems", Proc. ACM-SIGMOD Conference on Management of Data, June 1990.

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