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I've worked on sendmail for  many  years, and many employers  have  been remarkably patient about letting me work on a large project that was not part of my official job. This includes  time on the INGRES Project at the University of California at Berkeley, at Britton Lee, and again on the Mammoth and Titan Projects at Berkeley.
Much of the second wave of improvements resulting in version 8.1 should be credited to Bryan Costales of  the International  Computer  Science Institute. As he passed me drafts of his book on sendmail I was inspired to start working  on things again.  Bryan was also available to bounce ideas off of.
Gregory Neil Shapiro of Worcester Polytechnic Institute  has  become  instrumental in all phases of sendmail support and development, and was largely responsible  for getting versions 8.8 and 8.9 out the door.
Many,  many  people  contributed  chunks of code and ideas to sendmail.  It has proven to be a  group  network effort.   Version  8  in  particular was a group project. The following people and organizations made notable contributions:

       Claus Assmann
       John Beck, Hewlett-Packard & Sun Microsystems
       Keith Bostic, CSRG, University of California, Berkeley
       Andrew Cheng, Sun Microsystems
       Michael J. Corrigan, University of California, San Diego
       Bryan Costales, International Computer Science Institute & InfoBeat
       P.r (Pell) Emanuelsson
       Craig Everhart, Transarc Corporation
       Per Hedeland, Ericsson
       Tom Ivar Helbekkmo, Norwegian School of Economics
       Kari Hurtta, Finnish Meteorological Institute
       Allan E. Johannesen, WPI
       Jonathan Kamens, OpenVision Technologies, Inc.
       Takahiro Kanbe, Fuji Xerox Information Systems Co., Ltd.
       Brian Kantor, University of California, San Diego
       John Kennedy, Cal State University, Chico
       Murray S. Kucherawy, HookUp Communication Corp.
       Bruce Lilly, Sony U.S.
       Karl London
       Motonori Nakamura, Ritsumeikan University & Kyoto University
       John Gardiner Myers, Carnegie Mellon University
       Neil Rickert, Northern Illinois University
       Gregory Neil Shapiro, WPI
       Eric Schnoebelen, Convex Computer Corp.
       Eric Wassenaar, National Institute for Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Amsterdam
       Randall Winchester, University of Maryland
       Christophe Wolfhugel, Pasteur Institute & Herve Schauer Consultants (Paris), Inc.

I apologize for anyone I have omitted, misspelled, misattributed, or otherwise missed.  At this point, I  suspect that at least a hundred people have contributed code, and many more have contributed ideas, comments, and  encouragement.  I've tried to list them in the RELEASE_NOTES in the distribution directory. I appreciate their contribution as well.
Special thanks are reserved for Michael Corrigan and Christophe Wolfhugel, who besides being wonderful  guinea pigs  and contributors have also consented to be added to the ``sendmail@Sendmail.ORG'' list and, by answering  the bulk of the questions sent to that list, have freed me up to do other work.

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