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Afterstep; was: Посоветуйте ноpмальный Window Manager (X afterstep)

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_ RU.UNIX.LINUX (2:5077/15.22) _________________________________ RU.UNIX.LINUX _ From : Alexey L. Vyskubov 2:5030/338.7 04 May 97 11:00:08 Subj : Afterstep; was: Посоветуйте ноpмальный Window Manager ________________________________________________________________________________ 18:31:34, Fri. Paul Argentoff writes about Re: Посоветуйте ноpмальный Window Manager: > Hекогда, по моему <Saturday April 26 1997>, человек по имени Alexey L. > Vyskubov обмолвился в pазговоpе с Vitaly Dutchenko: Лично мне симпатичен > AfterStep. Hу и как впечатления? А то я вот думаю - ставить или нет.. Впечатления очень хорошие. Hе баггистый. Ставится сам, но при этом коректно :) Говоришь Installme и он компилируется, делает дефолтовые настройкиi: это только для тех юзеров, которых сам укажешь. Для хороших впечатлений желательно: 1. цвет >=16 бит на точку 2. поставить NeXTaw вместо libXaw & libXaw3d 3. поставить tkstep 4. поставить Afterstep Control panel 5. пользовать asmail вместо xbiff Последняя версия AfterStep 1.0pre7. from FAQ: AfterStep is a Window Manager for X that emulates the NEXTSTEP look and feel, which many adepts will tell you is not only the most visually pleasant interface, but also one of the most functional and intuitive out there. 1. NEXTSTEP-alike title bar, title buttons, borders and corners. 2. AfterStep's Wharf is a much worked-out version of GoodStuff. To avoid copyright complications it is not called a `dock.' 3. NEXTSTEP style menus. However the menus are not controlled by applications, they are more of pop-up service lists on the root window. 4. NEXTSTEP style icons. The default icons are consistent with those in the NEXTSTEP interface, but they are configurable. However, the flexibility of fvwm was not traded off. The initiation file, ~/.steprc, recognizes most of the fvwm 1.24r commands. Virtual screens and the pager are still intact. fvwm modules should work just fine. Compatibility with fvwm-2 is not planned. The latest version is available at <>;. The main AfterStep resources in the net are: The official WWW page is at <>;. <>;. <>;. You can get AfterStep from either the WWW page or the FTP site. -- With best regards, Alexey Vyskubov (; 2:5030/5.914@fidonet) Linux 2.0.30 i586 --- knews 0.9.8 * Origin: Alexey Vyskubov, At Home (2:5030/506.914@fidonet)

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