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_ RU.UNIX.SOLARIS (2:5077/15.22) _____________________________ RU.UNIX.SOLARIS _
 From : Dmitry Smirnov - SUN/CIS Novosibirs 2:5020/400      09 Aug 99  08:08:42 
 Subj : Re: дырки                                                               
From: Dmitry Smirnov - SUN/CIS Novosibirsk SE <>

Pavel Makarenko wrote:

> Hello All!
> сетевой сканер cybercop нашел некоторое количество сабжей. ниже куски лога от
> сканера на 4 наиболее неприятные ошибки (особенно первые две раздражают :)
> кто либо может посоветовать как это лечить? солярис 2.6 спарк. все
> рекоммендуемые и секьюрные патчи (от 30.07.99) установлены.

Most of commercial UNIX'es are based off of generic Berkeley and AT&T source
By the way any UNIX have a bugs which allow  local and remote users to hack your
Please check latest Windows NT release for more stable and secure operation
system that are
not based on any well-know source code. BG, 1999

> 1. Routed append check
> ----------------------
> Most route daemons which are based off of generic Berkeley source code
> have a bug which will allow remote users to append garbage over system
> critical files. If this module returns vulnerable, it does not necessarily
> mean that your host is vulnerable to this attack.

Думаю если бы проблема у Сана здесь была ее бы уже залатали.


> 2. IP forwarding check
> ----------------------
> The IP forwarding check verifies if your host will forward source routed
> packets. Having source routing enabled on your firewall allows an attacker
> to completely bypass it and access your internal network, by routing
> through your firewall.
> Suggestions:
> We suggest you turn off IP forwarding in your kernel of your gateway host
> and filter all source routed packets.
> > _как_ мне это в ядре поправить?!

ndd /dev/ip -set ip_forwarding 0
в стартап скрипт. Хмм - роутинг работать не будет. :)

> 3. rpc.statd link/unlink check
> ------------------------------
> rpc.statd (or simply statd on some machines) is used to interact with
> rpc.lockd to ensure file locking keeps state on NFS servers. Many versions
> of rpc.statd have a vulnerability whereby they can be forced to unlink,
> (delete) or create files as root remotely. This check discerns whether
> your version of rpc.statd is vulnerable to attack. There is no method to
> verify whether this attack worked remotely.

Есть security patch

> 4. DNS denial of service check
> ------------------------------
> DNS denial of service check This purpose of this module is to attempt to
> make the DNS server unable to resolve information for a given host by
> sending invalid data to a DNS server.

Есть security patch.

>   Pavel

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                   Dmitry Smirnov - SUN CIS/Novosibirsk SE
Phone: +7-3832-230-222, +7-3832-233-581                 Fax: +7-3832-230-458

--- ifmail v.2.14dev3
 * Origin: Sun Microsystems Russia/Novosibirsk (2:5020/400)

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