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COMMERCIAL: Regulus-1.4.0 - accounting/billing/monitoring for ISPs

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_ RU.LINUX (2:5077/15.22) ___________________________________________ RU.LINUX _
 From : Alexey Mahotkin                     2:5020/433      15 Aug 98  13:02:20 
 Subj : COMMERCIAL: Regulus-1.4.0 - accounting/billing/monitoring for ISPs      

* Forwarded by Alexey Mahotkin (2:5020/433) * Area : COMP.OS.LINUX.ANNOUNCE (COMP.OS.LINUX.ANNOUNCE) * From : Jean-Marc Pigeon, 2:5020/510 (Friday August 14 1998 17:17) * To : All * Subj : COMMERCIAL: Regulus-1.4.0 - accounting/billing/monitoring for ISPs
ChxXXSipocnUt8LG5XAGN5utyarANJvZ2kKLWsxNERD4JoyK22zwoZZz399AD6Hx QObswZ4Pwbi+0jvunL5DtI4Ty5kjznrBUpFIw8ge/k+RCNm6aVbsfQ/dkREa9rgL 5JfbYw8JYLw= =/w8b -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Regulus- is now available for download. that release is frozen unless a major bug is reported. (we are now working on Regulus-1.4.1) This new release is a major one and include: - Automatic customer invoicing (E-mail, Post). - Customer paiement collection. - Bill value automatic calculation (2 decimal currency, up to 2 taxes level). - Contract recurring items (up to 3). - Bank deposite-slip automatic generation. - Collection report. - Reseller capabilities (Invoicing, Collection). - Per contract login limitation (we can now limite the number of login for customer sharing the same contract, the limition per login ID is obviously still working) New functionalities demo is available at <>; Regulus is now a fully integrated tools, allowing ONE persone only to control and manage easily a 3000 customers base. Regulus can be taylored to meet your needs and interfaced to your current management tools. Please contact us <> if you have any question about that. This release is available in TAR/RPM format for libc5/glibc. Next release will be RPM and glibc only. You can download current version for Linux server from: As Regulus flexibility allow customer's site tailoring, we are looking for VARs already providing services to ISP, please send an E-mail to for more info. Thanks to our current customers for all the suggestions, support and help they provide to us in the "making of Regulus". Regulus is a accounting/billing/monitoring product dedicated to ISP market, its Real-Time capabilities are unique and allow ISP to really manage and control terminal server access by Internet user. Working as a daemon and by checking connection situation every 5 seconds, Regulus is a very effective tool to help you to reach the ISP's optimum situation: - To have all lines but one are busy all day long delivering connectivity to paying customers. Regulus allow ISP "to boldly go beyond the break-even point" and become more profitable. A bientot
The Regulus Team Internet: SAFE Inc. Tel: (514) 493-4280 Fax: (514) 493-1946 REGULUS' Home base
- -- This article has been digitally signed by the moderator, using PGP. has PGP key for validating signature. Send submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to: PLEASE remember a short description of the software and the LOCATION. This group is archived at -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.3i Charset: latin1 iQCVAgUBNdQ5AFrUI/eHXJZ5AQED6QQAz1yF+e3xq4w+tASlcvQ10VOGGMoMbxJi NFu12XhCV1JkXO0XiZZ8cT3loCKp1eoCGCiIo6lWXI6aKThmjhbasJ/DZbzme1Jf HAjVAcj22eHKvHhl3r9XmDnChSNYd+4h72/xGsa2GI2exgprgm/VwjJQBAWA2NzS PZom/d5qvrU= =kArN -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -+- ifmail v.2.12.os + Origin: none (2:5020/510@fidonet)
hail злобным ISP'шниками посвящается Пусть тени обходят тебя стороной // claw against sun ... mu aorta nil an ail pi --- GoldED/W32 3.00.Beta4 UNREG * Origin: none (2:5020/433)

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