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_ RU.LINUX (2:5077/15.22) ___________________________________________ RU.LINUX _
 From : Eugene Vedistchev                   2:450/58.190    20 Feb 98  09:45:36 
 Subj : Blender                                                           
Hello Aleksey!

Thursday February 19 1998 17:53, Aleksey I Zavilohin wrote to All:

 AZ> Эээй, а кто будут на сабже. Сделаете краткий обзор че
 AZ> было интересного, ладно. А то мы из своего Мухосранска до вас не
 AZ> выберемся, а интересно.
 [topic off]

 Все как обычно :) Самый большой стенд - у Microsoft. Серьезно. Который год она
уже такая, эта выставка.

 [topic on]

 Голландская компания Neogeo сделало облегченную версию соей 3D-софтины Blender
бесплатной (пока под SGI). В марте обещают ее порт под Linux.

 Вот ее спеки:
 То, что есть в нормальной версии, но нету в облегченной помечено "disabled"

                                       blender specs

                  In general:
                  - single integrated program: only 2.5 Mb!
                  - modeling of polygon meshes, curves, nurbs, text, metaballs
                  - animation with keyframes, motion curves, morphing, inverse
                  - deformation lattices and skeletons
                  - particle systems
                  - rendering: solid, transparent, halo/lensflare.
                  - sequence editing of images and post production effects
                  - 3D view with animated rotoscoping
                  - powerful object oriented data system
                  - file management included!

                  - flexible window layout
                  - 3D window: wireframe/solid/GL-lighted/rendered
                  - scalable buttons window
                  - animation curve/keys window
                  - schematic diagram window
                  - sequence editing window
                  - file selecting and file management windows

                  - save all your work in a single file
                  - other blender files can be used as libraries (disabled)
                  - read/write Targa, JPEG, Iris, SGI movie, Amiga IFF
                  - read Inventor files (disabled)

                  - local lights, spotlights, hemispheres, sun.
                  - textured lights, spothalo's
                  - shadow buffer system
                  - selective lighting for individual objects.

                  - rendering in foreground with direct output
                  - it can be started with a single key press at any level
                  - three rendering layers: for solid, transparent and halo's.
                  - delta accumulation buffer with jittered sampling for      
perfect antialiasing.
                  - any resolution up to 4096x4096
                  - field rendering and pre-gamma correction for the best video
output possible
                  - NO ray tracing!!!
                  - panorama rendering
                  - Plugins for textures and post production (disabled)

                  - motion paths: Bezier curves, B-splines or polygons.
                  - motion curves: XYZ translation/rotation/scaling
                  - motion keys: transformations fixed at a frame
                  - vertex key framing for morphing
                  - inverse kinematics and skeletons
                  - animation curves for light, materials, textures, effects
                  - actors, dynamics, collision detection (disabled)

                  - use triangle and square polygons
                  - extrude, spin, screw, bend, subdivide, etc.
                  - realtime 'vertex painting' to add vertex colors

                  - Bezier, Bspline, polygons
                  - automatic 'hole' detection.
                  - Any curve can be a bevel curve.

    ю____> Eugene Vedistchev            

"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards." -
Arthur Koestler

 * Origin: This chlorine-free message was written using GoldEd (2:450/58.190)


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